KISS Kollectibles – Wanna See My KISS Puzzle Cube Key Chain? It’s Really Cool…

KISS KOLLECTIBLES – That’s it at above! That’s my KISS Puzzle Cube Key Chain! I bought this kool KISS Kollectible at a mall store called SPENCER’S about a year or so ago. This store specializes in selling Rock Music memorabilia, (adult/naughty) gifts, gag/humor gifts, body jewelry and tons more of oddball and pop-culture items. I paid $1.50 (U.S.) for this KISS Puzzle Cube Key Chain, finding it on a clearance hook. I only paid $1.50! Whoa!

As you can see in the above photo, I had a difficult time getting the price sticker off the blister package; so I just gave up on removing it. Obviously, I’m going to keep this KISS Kollectible sealed in its original package for my KISS Kollection!

On this puzzle cube, each KISS solo album portrait is shown, along with the Klassic KISS logo and the KISS character symbols.

The manufacturer of this fabulous KISS Kollectible is Rabbit Tanaka Corp. Ltd. and under license by Signatures Network and KISS ONLINE. The date printed on the back of this package is 2007. Here’s what the package back looks like:

There seems to be countless KISS Kollectibles out in the marketplace! Whenever I cross paths with a KISS Kollectible that is this inexpensive, I buy it!


My name is Stone and I’m a KISSaholic. Metal be thy name.

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8 Responses to “KISS Kollectibles – Wanna See My KISS Puzzle Cube Key Chain? It’s Really Cool…”

  1. Is that like a Rubik’s Cube puzzle?

    I remember the Spencers store in America. There’s a similar store in Japan, but a bit more “Japanese style”, called Village Vanguard.

    • It is just like a Rubik’s Cube puzzle! LOL!

      Village Vanguard sounds like a cool store to me! I’ve seen many Osaka Popstar items/merch for sale (online) in Japan that aren’t readily available here… or available at all in the States. I would guess there are cool Rock ‘N Roll items for sale there, like Osaka Popstar?

      Osaka Popstar is a “spin-off” band of the MISFITS, (so to speak). 🙂 \m/

  2. Man, I don’t know how you find this stuff! 🙂 That’s cool – I’d reaally struggle not to open it, though!
    I’ve been off the radar a bit recently, having been touring around the French Pyrenees and Northern Spain, but back home now to find big flood devastation in our area. Don’t mind sayin’, I had your basement record collection disaster in my head as we headed home,….in our region, there are bridges out, roads collapsed and several deaths. luckily, our house and car etc were all good, but there’s some people who weren’t so lucky.

    • OMG Kev! I am relieved to know you escaped the wrath of a major flood! It is grand news that your home & car never got touched. Mother nature is so damn unpredictable.

      Losing my collection is a reminder of just how quickly life around you can change! I’ve learned material items = nothing compared to being alive! I feel so bad that there were deaths in your area associated with this weather calamity.

      Hope your touring around those regions was a blast for you! As John Sebastian has sung: “Welcome Back” 🙂 \m/

  3. Spencer’s, I haven’t been there in years. Thanks for the memory.

    • I like Hot Topic much better… LOL! I haven’t been back to Spencer’s since I bought this KISS keychain, it seems this store has focused more on non Rock ‘N Roll items.

      Hey… wait till you see what else I bought at Spencer’s on this same trip… I will post about it this coming week. HINT: It is… KISS related too! WHOA! Trust me, it’s a dandy! 🙂 \m/

  4. I don’t think any other band had more merchandise to sell than KISS. Then again, only they could have pulled it off.

    • I can only imagine how much $$$ KISS rakes in from their merch sales! Yup, KISS has obviously put their logo, art and images on EVERYTHING!

      I wonder, if there is some data out there that tells us how much dough artists earn for merch sales by year & decade. The Beatles, The Grateful Dead and The Rolling Stones have to be up there too. \m/\m/

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