KISS – Hot Wheels KISS “Destroyer” Tour Hauler: I Bought Myself One!

KISS – Being a KISS fan (usually) means that the lure and hunt for this iconic band’s memorabilia is real and fun. I’ll only buy KISS memorabilia that I can afford and I’ve even passed over many “smaller” items these past several years. Nonetheless, my KISS Kollection will always have a piece added to it from time to time. Just this morning, I bought another kool KISS kollectible. It’s the recently released: KISS Hot Wheels Tour Hauler.

The artwork from the 1976 KISS “Destroyer” album is on the side of this hauler, complete with the classic KISS logo. The top of the hauler has the klassic KISS (band member) symbols. I’m going to keep it in its original cardboard packaging and display it as is. I feel, Hot Wheels did an amazing job in making this KISS Tour Hauler look super sharp.

Over the last couple of months, I have seen and passed over buying this KISS gem. (I am a frugal Mealhead). Finally, when I walked past this KISS Tour Hauler at my local Super Walmart this morning, the urge to own it became too damn intense for me to resist. The front of the box reads “8+”, so I guess I’m old enough to own it. I paid $17.97 (U.S.) for this piece of KISStory and that’s a ton cheaper than it costs to fill my gas tank today. Metal be thy name.


For more info on KISS, click on the link below!




5 Responses to “KISS – Hot Wheels KISS “Destroyer” Tour Hauler: I Bought Myself One!”

  1. Oh yeah! How cool is that??? 🙂

    I never let my Dad forget the day, when I was about 10, that I wanted a Corgi die-cast model of the Beatles Yellow Submarine (very cool, the individual beatles, popped up out of the hatches, the whole deal) Preobably cost about 3 dollars in those days. He wouldnt buy it for me, saying it was a waste of money. Years later, on a toy antiques TV programme, he saw one valued at over 600 dollars – should’ve seen the colour drain from his face. ‘Yeah, Dad’, I said – ‘you were a real blue meanie!’

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Great story/memory there, Kev!

      Don’t you wish we could climb into a time machine, travel back to the 60’s and 70’s and buy all them crazy & great Rock ‘N Roll toys… then bring ’em all back with us to 2012?

      Just think about it… that Beatles corgi was ‘just’ 3 dollars back then. Whoa.

      I remember my parents were too broke to afford those very, very cool (large) KISS dolls back in the late 70’s. Wish I had them now though… LOL!

  2. I love my kiss hauler as well. Picked one up today. for 16.99 from toys r us. Everyone who sells this item online want much more. I like to visit the local toys r us every now and then for stuff like this

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Great point Cheryl. Plus, with the cost for shipping, buying merch like this online can get costly. Then, we have to cringe when opening the package, hoping our product didn’t get damaged during shipping and (gulp) handling.

      I’m currently “eyeing” the AC/DC Hot Wheels hauler at Walmart… sooner than later I’ll break down and buy it. LOL!

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