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KISS – Hot Wheels KISS “Destroyer” Tour Hauler: I Bought Myself One!

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KISS – Being a KISS fan (usually) means that the lure and hunt for this iconic band’s memorabilia is real and fun. I’ll only buy KISS memorabilia that I can afford and I’ve even passed over many “smaller” items these past several years. Nonetheless, my KISS Kollection will always have a piece added to it from time to time. Just this morning, I bought another kool KISS kollectible. It’s the recently released: KISS Hot Wheels Tour Hauler.

The artwork from the 1976 KISS “Destroyer” album is on the side of this hauler, complete with the classic KISS logo. The top of the hauler has the klassic KISS (band member) symbols. I’m going to keep it in its original cardboard packaging and display it as is. I feel, Hot Wheels did an amazing job in making this KISS Tour Hauler look super sharp.

Over the last couple of months, I have seen and passed over buying this KISS gem. (I am a frugal Mealhead). Finally, when I walked past this KISS Tour Hauler at my local Super Walmart this morning, the urge to own it became too damn intense for me to resist. The front of the box reads “8+”, so I guess I’m old enough to own it. I paid $17.97 (U.S.) for this piece of KISStory and that’s a ton cheaper than it costs to fill my gas tank today. Metal be thy name.


For more info on KISS, click on the link below!




Check out my KISS Comic Book from 1978!

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KISS – just about any and every item you can think of, has had the KISS logo or images of the band put on them. From lunch boxes to boxer shorts. Over the years, (since the late 1970’s), I have collected KISS collectibles. Still, I would not consider my KISS kollection to be very huge at all. In fact, my KISS kollection is quite modest, I have for some reason or another, showed much restraint in buying “anything” that has the KISS logo on it. One KISS kollectible that I did purchase back in the mid 1980’s was a comic book, from a comic book store that was quite messy and cold. I still have this cool comic book, (see the two pics below this post).

This KISS comic book was put out by Marvel Comics back in 1978. This comic book has 56 pages, a four page/pull out KISS poster and two pages dedicated to the making of the KISS movie – KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park. A KISS interview is also included in these same pages, in regards to their making this movie. I remember when network television carried KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park, it was on NBC, sometime around 1978. If my Metal memory serves me correctly, this movie was rather corn dog… still, it was KISS! I have not seen this KISS movie in probably 30 years now… quite a few years. I will most likely seek out this KISS movie on video or if it’s even on DVD? It would be a Metal hoot to just watch it again… for old times sake!

Going back to my KISS comic book… it is in excellent condition, not mint, yet that is still fine with me. I keep it in a protective plastic comic bag too, just to preserve it all the more.

Here is what the front cover of my KISS comic book from 1978 looks like:

Here is what the back cover of this same KISS comic book looks like:

This back cover advertises the four KISS solo albums from 1978!! The heading on this back cover ad could never be more true – A Milestone! Man, does this bring back some vintage KISS memories! Plus, 1978 was the year that my beloved New York Yankees beat down the hapless Boston Red Sox in a one-game playoff for the American League Eastern Division Title!! Another Milestone! That same legendary Yankees team went on to win the 1978 World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers too!! Ahhh… the memories, the milestones, they are truly priceless.

1978… KISS… a KISS comic book… and Bucky Dent hitting a home run over the infamous Green Monster at the ever historic Fenway Park. It’s funny how one memory leads to another from a particular, remembered year.




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