AVENGERS ASSEMBLE – This Soundtrack Rocks! Why? I’ll Tell You Why…

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE SOUNDTRACK – Yes Virginia, there are movie soundtracks that Rock and Avengers Assemble is one of them. If you were unfortunate enough to have recently purchased the chicken crap Rock Of Ages soundtrack, you can toss it in the recycle bin and get your ears into a real Rock/Hard Rock soundtrack such as this one. Plus, unlike Rock Of Ages, the original artists are singing and playing on their original songs! Not one (overpaid and whining) movie actor sings on Avengers Assemble! Metal hallelujah!

Avengers Assemble is bookended by two songs that I can’t get enough of: Live To Rise (Soundgarden) and Shake The Ground (Cherri Bomb). Firstly, Soundgarden is super-duper legendary and Chris Cornell could sing Boxcar Willie songs and I would still buy it. Is Live To Rise the greatest Soundgarden song ever recorded? No. Only here’s the kicker: Live To Rise is an incredibly written and inspiring song that I cannot shake out of my head. This song’s tempo is simply perfect; Soundgarden found no need to go over the top. I guess that tells you how I feel about Soundgarden and their legacy.

Cherri Bomb. Stone is a fan. Cherri Bomb can play at my backyard barbecue on any day of the year, including snow-covered and sub-zero Winter days too. The gals of Cherri Bomb essentially put a Rock ‘N Roll exclamation point to the conclusion of this Avengers Assemble soundtrack. Just a super damn fine, melodic Hard Rockin’ song is Shake The Ground. It has shook my ground. Metal be thy name.

I admire the thinking that went into choosing the songs and artists for this soundtrack. Rock diversity is evident, with Rise Against, Five Finger Death Punch, Bush and Evanescence all appearing on one plastic CD; all with the one common goal to… Rock. This soundtrack serves to give Rock fans a taste of what each band and/or musician sounds like; in the event one is unfamiliar with an artist. Compared to last year’s Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, I find myself a bigger fan of this soundtrack, due to its song selection and overall Hard Rock vibes.

Black Veil Brides must love movie soundtracks for they have yet another installment on one, with their heavy hitting number: Unbroken. Yes, I dig Black Veil Brides. I won’t be a closet Black Veil Brides fan any longer… how’s that? The energy level and chorus that this band puts into their songs is contagious. Unbroken, like so many other Black Veil Brides songs, is very memorable and melodically heavy. Count Me Out by Pusherjones is ridiculously fun, cool and serves for a Rockin’ contagious listen to take in. Whoa. Ring that Pusherjones Rock ‘N Roll bell and tell all your stuck up neighbors they can all to go to hell!

Scott Weiland sounds brilliant on Breath. What a compelling song. Coming in at track #6, I couldn’t think of a better choice of song at the midway point of this soundtrack. Breath is sung with an emotion from Scott Weiland that I find real and makes for a repeated listen for my ears. Comeback by Redlight King and Into The Blue by Bush gives this soundtrack its muscular boosts of Modern Rock relevance; both songs are an excellent reminder to me that Rock diversity is a grand thing to cherish. (I thank the Rock Gods that ABBA and Tom Cruise aren’t on this soundtrack though).

Avengers Assemble was released on May 1st, 2012, via Hollywood Records & Marvel Music.


Live To Rise – Soundgarden

I’m Alive – Shinedown

Dirt And Roses – Rise Against

Even If I Could – Papa Roach

Unbroken – Black Veil Brides

Breath – Scott Weiland

Comeback – Redlight King

Into The Blue – Bush

A New Way To Bleed (Photek Remix) – Evanescence

Count Me Out – Pusherjones

Wherever I Go – Buckcherry

From Out Of Nowhere – Five Finger Death Punch

Shake The Ground – Cherri Bomb


For more info on AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, click on the link below!





The words “super-duper” were used in this post.



7 Responses to “AVENGERS ASSEMBLE – This Soundtrack Rocks! Why? I’ll Tell You Why…”

  1. No surprise that Marvel got it right with this soundtrack, I always thought the Daredevil soundtrack CD rocked too!

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Whoa… Kev, that Daredevil Soundtrack does have some cool bands/songs on it! I never bought that one either… it’s not cheap either, $21.70 U.S. (new) on Amazon.com. I’m sure there are many used ones around priced lower.

      I wonder if these soundtracks go out of print or something? The label for that Daredevil is Wind-Up, so it’s not a label no one knows about… interesting…

      Here I go again… always thinking everything is gonna become a “collectible”… LOL! 🙂

      • I think they do go out of print Stone. I remember spending years trying to track down the ‘Dragnet’ soundtrack for the ‘City of Crime’ track by Glenn Hughes and Pat Thrall (I’m a bit of a Glenn completist!) – it’s as rare as rockin’ horse sh*t! A crazy track too, with Dan Ackroyd and Tom Hanks rapping in between Thralls guitar and Hughes’ vocals!

        • Metal Odyssey Says:

          Whoa! I never even knew that song or soundtrack even existed! I remember the movie though. I am glad you mentioned it, now I will not overlook it when I’m hunting for Rock ‘N Roll treasures.

          Kev, I give you much deserved credit as a completist with Glenn Hughes. I tried years ago to be a Motörhead completist… just could never keep up with the imports, 45’s, picture discs, bootlegs, etc…

          With the out of print scenario… it seems like it’s reality to me. The original “Dirty Dancing” and “Saturday Night Fever” I see on CD (new) at stores all the time… (!)

          Last December I found the “Days Of Thunder” CD (used) with an obscure song from David Coverdale on it: “The Last Note Of Freedom”.

          • Yeah, the Coverdale track’s great isn’t it? Glenn really has some obscure stuff out there though, from the unofficial release with Robin George, to the ‘Alchemist’ album. I love Coverdale’s contribution to the Butterfly Ball album too – which in turn spawned a rare sequel ‘the Wizard’s convention’.

            • Metal Odyssey Says:

              I always wanted to buy that “Butterfly Ball” album. It’s now on my “must” list. 🙂

              Yes Kev, speaking of obscure, that entire Deep Purple family has so many albums out there on “off beat” labels too! Whoa. I found & bought “Deep Purple & Friends” (2 CD) at my neighborhood… grocery store! LOL! A grocery store!

            • It’s so cool when you find things like that in the weirdest places, man! I bought ‘British Rock Symphony’ for £1 at a charity shop in Bristol, England. Don’t know if you know the album, but it’s full of amazing artists, and covers, and features Roger Daltrey & Ann Wilson from Heart singing Kashmir, and Alice Cooper & Tommy Shaw singing See me, Feel Me!

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