DER HUNDS “HOME” – 4 Song EP Packs An Impressive Hard Rockin’ Wallop! Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day!

DER HUNDS – They’re based in Bulgaria / Eastern Europe and they ROCK. They’re second release, Home (a 4 song EP), was released on June 12th, 2012… and it… ROCKS. They’re… DER HUNDS and they sound fabulous! If you’re into Hard Rock, Grunge, Alternative Hard Rock and/or Garage Rock, you won’t want to miss out on what DER HUNDS is playing here on Home.

A huge influence that I hear from their music is Soundgarden. No, DER HUNDS is not a Soundgarden sound-alike band, they certainly blend their own originality with any influences they may bestow. Vocalist Bobi does sound like Chris Cornell though; yet it doesn’t come across like he’s trying to. That’s just how I interpret what I hear and I really, really dig listening to DER HUNDS.

DER HUNDS is a DIY band and what a remarkable job they’ve done with Home. Excellent musicians, excellent songs. Record labels both independent and major should take my advice and check out the Heavy Rock sound of DER HUNDS. Metal as my witness, if I was a record label executive I would have this band signed today to at least a 3 album record deal. Yes, DER HUNDS is that legit, refreshing and relevant. Metal be thy name.

All four songs on Home are Rockin’ slam dunks. I can’t choose a favorite song here, therefore, the entire Home EP is my favorite! How’s that for Rock ‘N Roll democracy? Metal be thy name are these four songs exceptionally worthy of your time to check out. Home is available to stream and/or purchase at the DER HUNDS Bandcamp page by clicking the link below:


Bobi – vocals & guitars

Marto – bass

Pifa – drums

Vili – guitars

HOME – Track Listing:


Too Much

Silver Sun



For more info on DER HUNDS, click on the links below!



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