JORN – “Live And Let Fly” (Official Video)

JORNBring Heavy Rock To The Land is the new studio album from JORN and it’s a Heavy Rockin’ ride to catch onto. The seventh studio album from JORN, Bring Heavy Rock To The Land, features the bonus track Live And Let Fly; a song that showcases the premiere Heavy Rock vocals of Jorne Lande and his blazingly talented band that backs him.

Take a look and listen below at the official video for Live And Let Fly and turn up the volume with Heavy Rock pride! Metal be thy name.

JORN – Bring Heavy Rock To The Land was released in Europe back on June 1st, 2012 and on June 5th in North America, via Frontiers Records.

To read my album review for Bring Heavy Rock To The Land, (posted back on May 23rd, 2012), click on the link below!

JORN “Bring Heavy Rock To The Land” – Some Metal Thoughts On This Heavy Rock Keeper


For more info on JORN, click on the links below!




One Response to “JORN – “Live And Let Fly” (Official Video)”

  1. Liked this song, the album should be good

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