GYPSYHAWK – “Hedgeking” (Official Video) And “Revelry & Resilience” Are Stone’s METAL Picks Of The Day!

GYPSYHAWK – Guitar driven. Cruising Rock ‘N Roll. Blue Collar, knuckle crackin’, foot stompin’ and beer drinkin’ good-times Heavy Rock. Old school. Did I mention guitar driven? A blend of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock and Southern Rock never sounded so damn refreshingly cool. I’m talking about the new album released on Metal Blade Records (on August 28th) from California’s Gypsyhawk that’s titled: Revelry & Resilience. Essentially, Realistically, undoubtedly, unquestionably, this new Gypsyhawk album kicks pure, 100% Heavy Rockin’ ass.

There’s some heavy-duty classic Thin Lizzy vibes happening throughout Revelry & Resilience. Eric Harris on vocals and bass just “has a slick way” of reminding me of the late Phil Lynott. Don’t get me wrong, Eric Harris is musically his own man and Gypsyhawk dishes out heaping doses of original heavy sound. This Gypsyhawk band flat-out Rocks in such a glorious way, their songs, sound and style inspires me to shake away the bullshit stress that’s been hanging over my head for far too long.

I will share this: Gypsyhawk’s cover of Rick Derringer’s Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo is freakin’ great. Whoa! Let’s just say that I cannot get enough of this cover song from Gypsyhawk. These dudes nailed it! This classic song was meant to be covered by Gypsyhawk and belongs on their album, there’s no sliver of doubt in my Metal mind about that.

Man, I’m gonna tell you all right now… Gyspyhawk’s Heavy Rock ‘N Roll has gotten me psyched out of my brains! I absolutely love listening to Revelry & Resilience and couldn’t recommend this album more strongly to all my fellow Metal and Rockaholic brethren. Metal be thy name.

Take a listen (and look) below to the new and official video for Hedgeking. Check that. Take a dozen or so listens to Hedgeking! Crank this song up and thank the Rock ‘N Metal Gods that Gypsyhawk has created such a blazingly memorable song (and album) to feed our ears with!


Andrew Packer– Guitars

Eric Harris– Bass and Vocals

Ian “Pee Pee Rider” Brown – Drums

Erik “Ron Houser” Kluiber– Guitars



The Fields



Galaxy Rise


Night Songs From The Desert

The Red Wedding

Silver Queen

State Lines

Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo


For more info on GYPSYHAWK, click on the links below!

Gypsyhawk Facebook




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