KIX ‘Live In Baltimore’ – No Fillers, No Artificial Flavors… Just KIX Playing Some (Kick Ass) Live & Heavy Rock ‘N Roll!

KIX – There are hundreds of famous bands still bringing it from the dazzling, loud, trendsetting, colorful and arena-filled decade known as the 80’s. That decade also boasts some incredibly loyal Hard Rock and Heavy Metal fans. I am proud of my growing up as a teen during that brilliant decade of excessive Rock heaviness, glitz, glam and Metal toxicity. One band from the 80’s that has triumphantly returned and kept their Hard Rock adrenaline on a full-on-high is Hagerstown, Maryland’s KIX.

During the 80’s, KIX released four (charting) albums that spilled over with Hard Rock goodness, courtesy of KIX’s guitar driven, bass thumping, drum pounding, memorable songs; with lyrics sung by the flamboyant Steve Whiteman that motivated so many of us to sing along to, during an any occasion keg party or get together with the pack. KIX was a significant puzzle piece to that decade of Heavy Music decadence and now you can hear for yourself with Live In Baltimore as to why this is righteously so. (KIX would later release 2 more studio albums that charted in the early 90’s).

If you’ve never had a chance to see KIX play live, this album is the second-best thing; Live In Baltimore is your invitation to shed away any moral cobwebs that have kidnapped your thoughts and dreams about good-times Rock ‘N Roll. The 16 plus minutes of Yeah, Yeah, Yeah is a live KIX staple and never fails to remind me that Rock ‘N Roll was supposed to be (gulp) fun to begin with. Make that F’n fun. Steve Whiteman never disappoints my Rockin’ funny bone with his chatter on Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, regardless of how many times I hear it.

Cold Blood will crank-up my adrenaline for eternity, a song that can easily transform a crappy mood I’m in… into one of Hard Rock jubilation. Again, Steve Whiteman makes this live version of Cold Blood 200% better, just from his interaction with the happily screaming fans. Don’t Close Your Eyes is timeless for me, with the emotion that spills over from both its lyrics and music. If you play this power ballad with your #1 gal, she’s guaranteed to get all mushy in your arms. If this song doesn’t have that sort of affect I just described, then your #1 gal is a mannequin.

From start-to-finish, KIX undeniably kicks some heavy Rock ‘N Roll ass on this Live In Baltimore album. KIX will make you move, laugh and sing aloud like you’re supposed to do while listening to live, energy-charged, heavy Rock ‘N Roll. KIX turned me into a fan of their stuff many, many years ago. When I (finally) saw KIX live back in 2010, I experienced why I was a fan of this band for so long. With Live In Baltimore, I can constantly revisit and refresh my KIXaholic enthusiasm. Buy this live KIX album. It will serve you right. Metal be thy name.


* KIX – Live In Baltimore was released in Europe on September 21st and in North America on September 25th, via Frontiers Records.

Steve Whiteman


Steve Whiteman – Vocals

Ronnie “10/10” Younkins – Guitar

Brian “Damage” Forsythe – Guitar

Jimmy “Chocolate” Chalfant – Drums

Mark Schenker – Bass


KIX – LIVE IN BALTIMORE – Track Listing:

No Ring Around Rosie

Atomic Bombs

Lie Like A Rug

Don’t Close Your Eyes

Girl Money

Cold Blood

Cold Shower

She Dropped Me The Bomb

Blow My Fuse

Kix Are For Kids

Midnite Dynamite

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah


Photos courtesy of Frontiers Records.

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  1. Always loved that song Yeah Yeah Yeah

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