KISS “MONSTER” (Some Fun & Rockin’ Thoughts From Stone, Part 1) – My Favorite Song Revealed!

KISS – Okay. Unless you’ve been living on the Moon or have been out-of-touch with humanity for the past year, there is a brand new KISS album for sale and it’s called: MONSTER. The 20th studio album from the ICONIC KISS was released this past Tuesday, on October 9th, via UMe. Yup, this new album is exactly that… an F’n MONSTER and I mean that in the most grandest way too. Metal be thy name and ring that KISS Army bell. Tell all the naysayers and posers to go to F’n hell.

You see, being a lifetime KISSaholic, how could I write an album review for MONSTER with just one post? I did write reviews in the past for other KISS albums; where I cover the album’s songs and how it sounds, feels, blah, blah, blah and F’n blah again. This time around, for MONSTER, I’m gonna do things a tad different. I’ll write about one song, about the album cover or whatever the hell I want to write about, in reference to this ABSOLUTE ROCKING KISS ALBUM. One F’n post at a time. Metal be thy KISSaholic name and tell all the naysayers… SHAME!

What’s my favorite song on MONSTER? Which song have I played over and over and over and Rock And Roll Over again? That’s easy. Here it is:


I’m telling you right now, this song has CLASSIC ROCK oozing from it’s every crevice and the guitars are the HUGE giveaway here. For those who never thought KISS could make a song that would elevate them into the upper stratosphere of ROCK RELEVANCE… think again. With Long Way Down, KISS reached back into their CLASSIC HARD ROCK ROOTS and have delivered a very (un)KISS-like sound that somehow sounds like… KISS.

Paul Stanley sounds SUPERB on vocals while Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer sound simply invincible as musicians on this song. (Aw, hell, that pretty much sums up KISS on this whole album). Listen for yourself and maybe you’ll agree… that KISS MONSTER is 100% KICK-ASS KISSTORY.

Uh, oh. Stone gets a tad pissed off here:

It’s funny how all the BIG NAME mags and newspaper Rock critics all want to be a part of the KISS ARMY now that they’ve listened to MONSTER. Where were all these naysayers and posers since KISS Dynasty was released? KISS MY ASS is what I say to them all. KISS it baby. SSSMMMAAACCCKKK!

Okay, Stone is mellow again. Um, Kinda.

Stay tuned for some more Fun & Rockin’ Thoughts From Stone regarding MONSTER… I promise to keep the blah, blah, blah out of the mix and the constipated KISS naysayers pissed! Metal be thy name.


For more info on KISS, click on the link below! Whoa!



The word “tad” was used a couple of times in this post.


8 Responses to “KISS “MONSTER” (Some Fun & Rockin’ Thoughts From Stone, Part 1) – My Favorite Song Revealed!”

  1. Cool, sounds like KISS are going back to their roots. That’s a good thing!

  2. That’s definitely a stand-out track for me. Great to hear them trying new things. I’m also really pleased that Tommy is being allowed more free-reign on Monster and not trying to sound so much like Ace. There are a few moments on this album that bring to mind the Creatures of the Night album. Awesome!

  3. KISS is awesome!!! 😀

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