3 Inches Of Blood “Long Live Heavy Metal” – This Album Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

3 INCHES OF BLOOD – Call ’em Classic Metal, Old School Metal, Traditional Metal, True Metal or a second generation of NWOBHM. I’m calling 3 Inches Of Blood: Damn Righteous Metal. Man, if you are looking to purchase a Metal CD today, allow me to highly recommend the new album from 3 Inches Of Blood. I absolutely need to listen to this newest offering from 3 Inches Of Blood, like, everyday!

Long Live Heavy Metal is the title of this new 3 Inches Of Blood release, (released back on March 26th, 2012, via Century Media). The album title says it all! All 12 songs on Long Live Heavy Metal absolutely cooks my fellow Metal brethren! This Canadian Metal band had already gotten me hooked several years ago, with their sound and overall retrospective Metal energy that they generate; only their fifth studio album here is downright incredible stuff! Whoa! I’m very psyched-out by this album and refuse to hold it in any longer!

Justin Hagberg and Shane Clark are insane guitarists! Metal be thy name, do these two guys compliment each other. Talk about sick guitar licks, this album is bursting at the Metal seams with them! Talk about shock and awe guitar solos, Look Out is a 100% fantastic Metal experience to hear and breathe in! Guitar driven is an understatement here. This is Metal guitar 101 and 3 Inches Of Blood don’t seem to give once ounce of crap about trends. Hell, there’s even a song that opens up this album called Metal Woman and it kicks superior Metal ass to the maximum!

Cam Pipes on vocals is spectacular and I’m not kidding around. Every time I listen to Cam Pipes belt out the notes, it brings back those sweet Metal memories of being introduced to Rob Halford’s voice on all those classic Judas Priest records. Yeah… Cam Pipes is that good. This entire 3 Inches Of Blood band is that good. I’m not messing around when I tell y’all that Long Live Heavy Metal is a super-potent contender for Metal Odyssey’s Metal Album Of 2012; that’s why 3 Inches Of Blood and Long Live Heavy Metal is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day! Metal be thy name.


Cam Pipes – Lead Vocals

Justin Hagberg – Rhythm/Lead Guitar & Vocals

Shane Clark – Lead/Rhythm Guitar

Ash Pearson – Drums

Byron Stroud – Bass


Metal Woman

My Sword Will Not Sleep

Leather Lord

Chief and the Blade

Dark Messenger

Look Out

4000 Torches

Leave It On The Ice

Die For Gold (Upon The Boiling Sea IV)

Storming Juno

Men Of Fortune

One For The Ditch


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