RAVEN – “Rock Until You Drop – A Long Day’s Journey” 2-DVD Releases This Summer!

Raven - Rock Until You Drop - A Long Days Journey - promo cover pic

RAVEN – All For One – One For all… Solid As A Rock With Swords In The Air – The undisputed kings of Athletic Rock are back! Harder and stronger than ever. With their new DVD Rock Until You Drop – A Long Day’s Journey they show all non believers what real Metal is about. Screaming guitar riffs, pumping bass lines, exploding drums and a voice which is not from this earth!

It`s now 32 years ago since their first album “Rock Until You Drop” was released and during this time Raven definitely influenced a lot of bands. Who played their first tour at the east coast in the USA as support to Raven?: Metallica. Who played their first gigs ever as support to Raven?: Anthrax. The list goes on and on… ask Mille of Kreator or Tom Angelripper of Sodom..both will say that Raven was a big influence on their musical careers.


Rock Until You Drop / A Long Day’s Journey releases as a 2 disc DVD, in Germany, on June 21st, 2013. Other countries release dates will vary.

Over three decades of RAVEN Metal are covered on this double DVD! Concert, studio, backstage and interview footage are all included in this RAVEN DVD gem!

Rock Until You Drop – A Long Day’s Journey will be released via SPV / Steamhammer.

RAVEN - Large Group Promo Pic!!


John Gallagher – bass guitar & vocals

Mark Gallagher – guitar & backing vocals

Joe Hasselvander – drums


(Source: SPV / Steamhammer)

For more info on RAVEN, click on the links below! Whoa!

facebook: Raven


SPV / Steamhammer: http://www.spv.de

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