HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED – Delivers Their Third Lethal Dosage With New EP, “Allergy”

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Los Angeles Punk Rock Band Is A Hit With MTV And KROQ


Los Angeles, CA – Equipped with a recipe of hard-hitting beats, thought-provoking lyrics and chart-worthy hooks is the Los Angeles punk rock band, Harmful if Swallowed. The band is releasing their six-song EP Allergy containing the hypnotic singles, “Sabrina (Little Angel)” and “Allergy,” available now on iTunes. Since the release of their acclaimed debut Serverthe band has garnered a faithful following with tracks appearing on multiple MTV shows and are frequently spun on the world-famous Los Angeles rock station KROQ. Harmful If Swallowed is preparing to raise their bar even higher with their best work to date, Allergy.

Fronted by vocalist/guitarist Greg Martin, the band’s lineup is made up of Josh Loren (drums), Carlos Nieto III (bass, backing vocals) and Brian Martinez (rhythm guitar). The latest EP, produced at the hands of GRAMMY award-winner, Matt Hyde (Slayer, Porno for Pyros, No Doubt), delivers an impressive range of subject matter, rhythm and sound. Allergy is a smooth evolution from previous records; charged with a fiery energy, stellar vocal chops and real-life situation lyrics.

“Sabrina (Little Angel)” hits hard at the opening with witty lyrics, propulsive drum kicks and enticing electric guitars all supported by strong vocals and ear-pleasing harmonies on the hook. The title track “Allergy”, written about an ex-girlfriend, moves listeners in a similar fashion with canny metaphors and raw emotion. The song compares an ex-girlfriend who makes you so sick whenever she reappears, like a bad allergy.

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Songs like “Hateful” and “Recession” are a little more provocative but still feature the Harmful If Swallowed mainstay – head-banging instrumentation. While the track “Lindsay” has it all – catchy hooks, witty lyrics and is penned about the queen of trouble, Lindsay Lohan. Each song is a seamless introduction to the next, while keeping listeners intrigued and entertained. Allergy was recorded in Hollywood, CA at Sunset Lodge with the fine-tuned and crystal clear sound achieved with the help of engineer, Chris Rakestraw  (Bad Religion).

Harmful If Swallowed quickly realized their instant chemistry and it ignited a supernatural musical collaboration. Boasting their suggestive band name, Harmful if Swallowed released their debut album Serverwhichwas handpicked for a selection of MTV shows and caught the attention of radio DJ Kat Corbett (KROQ) who is an avid fan and supporter. Taking full advantage of their increased exposure and growing fan base, the band embarked on a slew of performances including co-headlining concerts with some of the industry’s biggest names such as KoRn, Green Day, Weezer, FEAR, Bad Religion and numerous others.

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The band’s follow up album The Chronicles of Losing was released in 2009 and again caught the attention of industry professionals and fans alike. Determined to further develop and improve as musicians and artists, Harmful if Swallowed was inspired to create a new sound and take a new direction.Allergy is a graceful, intelligent departure that proves to fans their evolution is still rocketing.

It’s only a matter of time until heads are banging to the new sounds of Harmful if Swallowed. The name of the band hardly describes their music – so don’t be afraid to take a mouthful of the new EP, Allergy. Keep up with Harmful if Swallowed, at www.HarmfulifSwallowedband.com.


(Source: LaFamos PR & Branding)

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