MONSTER TRUCK – Opening For ALICE IN CHAINS This July! Whoa!

Monster Truck - Furiosity - band pic - logo - 2013 - #1



Jon – Bass and Vocals

Brandon – Keys and Vocals

Steve – Drums and Vocals

Jer – Guitar and Vocals


WHOA! The Hard Rockin’ and whiz-bang Canadian band known as MONSTER TRUCK will be supporting the iconic ALICE IN CHAINS this July! The Canadian tour dates are below inside that super cool promo banner! WHOA!

Monster Truck - Alice In Chains - Tour - 2013 - promo flyer

Okay, okay! Here are the tour dates BLOWN-UP just for YOU:

Monster Truck - Alice In Chains - tour dates - 2013 - July

The DEBUT full-length studio album, Furiosity, from MONSTER TRUCK is OUT NOW! It ROCKS! It ROLLS! It will psyche-out YOUR Hard Rock lovin’ SOUL! WHOA!

Monster Truck - Furiosity - promo cover pic!

MONSTER TRUCK has been awarded a 2013 JUNO AWARD for “Breakthrough Group Of The Year”! Right On MONSTER TRUCK and… Metal be thy name!

Monster Truck - Juno Award - 2013

The Rockin’ reminder that MONSTER TRUCK is HERE can be seen almost EVERYWHERE!

Monster Truck - billboard - Furiosity - 2013

And we mean… EVERYWHERE. WHOA.

Monster Truck - Stickers - Guitar Case - 2013

For more info on MONSTER TRUCK, click on links below!

Facebook: Monster Truck

Alice In Chains - The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here - promo cover

Absolutely. Yes. The new ALICE IN CHAINS album, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, kicks some unreal ass. Yes it sure does. WHOA!


For more info on ALICE IN CHAINS, click on links below!

Facebook: Alice in Chains


All MONSTER TRUCK photos credited to/from:

Facebook: Monster Truck

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small




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