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MONSTER TRUCK – Debut S/T EP From 2010 Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Monster Truck - Debut S:T EP - promo cover pic - 2010

4 Metal Fists Out Of 5!


MONSTER TRUCK – Hamilton, Ontario’s Monster Truck had a breakthrough year in 2013, with their first full-length: Furiosity. With an ever-growing fan base coinciding with raving album and concert reviews, Monster Truck is surely one of the finest exports from Canada next to bacon. A supporting role, during the Summer of 2013, to Rock the live stage for Alice In Chains’ Canadian tour trek is certainly a bad-ass badge of honor as well!

Looking back to 2010, the debut, S/T EP from Monster Truck was born. Self released and produced by Gus Van Go & Werner F, the four songs on this EP are solid fingerprints of Heavy Rock ‘N Roll which draws influences from Classic Rock, Classic Hard Rock and (from what my ears here as) Southern Rock. I cannot help embracing the raw and down-to-earth Heavy Rockin’ sound of this Monster Truck EP! These seasoned musicians were paving their path to Rockin’ fame with this EP and that is now a Rockin’ fact!


Brandon Bliss on the organ/keys is reason enough for any classic Deep Purple and/or Jon Lord fan to smile in appreciation. Jon Harvey (bass and lead vocals) sounds like his voice was born to be heard on vinyl, with so many shades of natural born talent about it. Steve Kiely (drums & vocals) and  Jeremy Widerman (guitar & vocals) complete this Monster Truck story and their debut EP. Understand, that ALL four songs on this EP have played out as an immense launching pad for this (now) world-known band!

Monster Truck plays their Heavy Rock ‘N Roll with both relevance and a two-way ticket on the Classic Rock time machine. It does suck when I return and the Monster Truck songs do come to a close; however, the repeat arrow to hear this band again and again is what makes life so damn good. Metal be thy name. – Stone

You can download for free or buy this (2010) debut EP from Monster Truck, by clicking on the link below. Either way you get it, support Monster Truck and be glad they exist! Whoa.

Track Listing:

1 – Lethal Weapon

2 – Death Mistake

3 – Runnin’

4 – Space Nebula


* For more info on MONSTER TRUCK:

Facebook: Monster Truck


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MONSTER TRUCK – “FURIOSITY” Will ROCK Your World, Unless You’re An ABBA Fan

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Monster Truck - Furiosity - promo cover pic!

5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!


MONSTER TRUCK – Firstly, I want to thank my friend Maria Haskins for telling me about this mighty Canadian Hard Rock band that call themselves MONSTER TRUCK. As a fellow twitter fiend and ultra terrific writer/reviewer for the legendary Brian Basher over at Hard Rock Nights, Maria without question, knows her Heavy Rock ‘N Roll!

MONSTER TRUCK calls Hamilton, Ontario, Canada their home. Their new full-length studio album, Furiosity, was released on May 28th, 2013, via dine alone records. Please believe me, when I tell you I am extremely hard pressed to find anything I don’t like about this Furiosity album. This album could very well have been titled: Bad Ass Heavy Rock Rules. Hell yes, I’m not kidding. As 2013 (and any year for that matter) has rolled out more Hard Rock and Metal albums than I can possibly keep up with, Furiosity has risen to the top of my personal favorites heap.

Monster Truck - Furiosity - band pic - logo - 2013 - #1

A masterful fusion of Classic Hard Rock and Hard Rock 2013 is this album. The guitar shredding of Jeremy Widerman is mind-blowing! This is one guitarist of Hard Rock that should be on the cover of Guitar Worldnow. The vocals of Jon Harvey are tough as nails and give this band at least 50% of its bad ass character and sound. Jon Harvey plays a mean bass as well! Brandon Bliss on organ and vocals gives this album a downright wonderful Classic Hard Rock feel, sound and vibe. Steve Kiely on drums and vocals plays the songs and not for himself, making for a fabulous listen to just him alone. What a band!

The twelve songs on Furiosity are a listen into what steak and potatoes Hard Rock is supposed to sound like; both in yesteryear and in 2013. The riffs are there, the old school jams are there and the Hard Rock total package is exploding from Furiosity! Do not ponder purchasing Furiosity! MONSTER TRUCK is a band that has arrived, especially with their opening slot on the Canadian dates for the iconic Alice In Chains this past Summer, the reality of it all speaks for itself. Metal be thy name.

FURIOSITY – Track Listing:

Old Train

The Lion

Power Of The People

Sweet Mountain River


Oh Lord

For The Sun


Undercover Love

Sleeping Giant

Call It A Spade

My Love Is True


* For More Info On MONSTER TRUCK:

Facebook: Monster Truck

* For More Info On MARIA HASKINS:

* For More Info On HARD ROCK NIGHTS:

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MONSTER TRUCK – Opening For ALICE IN CHAINS This July! Whoa!

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Monster Truck - Furiosity - band pic - logo - 2013 - #1



Jon – Bass and Vocals

Brandon – Keys and Vocals

Steve – Drums and Vocals

Jer – Guitar and Vocals


WHOA! The Hard Rockin’ and whiz-bang Canadian band known as MONSTER TRUCK will be supporting the iconic ALICE IN CHAINS this July! The Canadian tour dates are below inside that super cool promo banner! WHOA!

Monster Truck - Alice In Chains - Tour - 2013 - promo flyer

Okay, okay! Here are the tour dates BLOWN-UP just for YOU:

Monster Truck - Alice In Chains - tour dates - 2013 - July

The DEBUT full-length studio album, Furiosity, from MONSTER TRUCK is OUT NOW! It ROCKS! It ROLLS! It will psyche-out YOUR Hard Rock lovin’ SOUL! WHOA!

Monster Truck - Furiosity - promo cover pic!

MONSTER TRUCK has been awarded a 2013 JUNO AWARD for “Breakthrough Group Of The Year”! Right On MONSTER TRUCK and… Metal be thy name!

Monster Truck - Juno Award - 2013

The Rockin’ reminder that MONSTER TRUCK is HERE can be seen almost EVERYWHERE!

Monster Truck - billboard - Furiosity - 2013

And we mean… EVERYWHERE. WHOA.

Monster Truck - Stickers - Guitar Case - 2013

For more info on MONSTER TRUCK, click on links below!

Facebook: Monster Truck

Alice In Chains - The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here - promo cover

Absolutely. Yes. The new ALICE IN CHAINS album, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, kicks some unreal ass. Yes it sure does. WHOA!


For more info on ALICE IN CHAINS, click on links below!

Facebook: Alice in Chains


All MONSTER TRUCK photos credited to/from:

Facebook: Monster Truck

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