DEBAUCHERY “Kings Of Carnage” – Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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DEBAUCHERY – Releasing on August 2nd, 2013, via Massacre Records, is one hell of an album straight from hell that I’m gratefully addicted to: Kings Of Carnage from Debauchery. This band of Metal hell assassins blend a fascinating mix of Death/Melodic Death Metal, with straight-up Thrash grooves wrapped around a powerful Metal sound; all coupled with Death and Blackened vocals with spine cracking, hellish gang vocals for good Metal measure.

There is plenty of Heavy Metal thump-and-stump across Kings Of Carnage and it’s riff-infested to the maximum Metal potential! The title track alone is worth the price of Metal admission here and Debauchery are not just convincing with their Metal; they are F’n convincing. This is an album that is quite ruthless with its ability to make my neck ache from headbanging and I’m very thankful for it.

Lyrically vicious and memorable as all hell, Kings Of Carnage reminds me that blood-soaked songs of carnage can pack my brain with true deathly bliss. Just a grand kick-to-the-Metal-ass release from Debauchery. With Victory Awaits, Debauchery also reminds me of just how victorious their new album truly is and I’m more than willing to join the Debauchery Motherfuckin Family. Metal be thy name.

Below, check Out The Album Trailer Video For Kings Of Carnage! WHOA!


KINGS OF CARNAGE – Track Listing:

Coming Of The Dragons


Let There Be Blood


Kings Of Carnage

Man In Blood

Blood God Kills

Victory Awaits

Murder Squad

The Last Crusade

Debauchery Motherfuckin Family

Debauchery - Kings Of Carnage - promo Admat - 2013

For more info on DEBAUCHERY, click on the links below!

Facebook: Debauchery

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  1. joel perez sotelo Says:

    this band debauchery the best metal germany good stuff

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