HER DYING REGRET – Announce New EP “Legacy”

Her Dying Regret - Band Promo Pic - 2013 - #1

‘Heartfelt, passionate and heavy’ is how Metalcore six-piece, Her Dying Regret describe their new EP ‘Legacy’ which will be self-released this September 19th.

Following up from their debut EP ‘The Siren’ [2012] which was a dramatic introduction to the Reading based band, ‘Legacy’, recorded at Avenue Studios, Camberley with producer Daniel Kerr shows a new side to the band and the direction they want to go in musically following the release of the first EP. “We want that to be a distant memory and for ‘Legacy’ to be what we’re remembered for”, says guitarist Craig Mayor.

“On ‘Legacy’ the lyrical content and vocal style is very different as we have two vocalists providing a new dynamic that allows us to be more creative and versatile, we’ve also taken some elements out of different sub genres of Metal to fuse it with our own sound to create something different.”

The hourglass inspired artwork designed by Abyss Art’s Vincent Bolar is an important addition to the feel of ‘Legacy’ furthers Craig. “There has a lot of emphasis on time and a few songs on our EP have the message of making the most of the time you have, the hourglass represents lifespan, the EP almost has a seize the day kind of theme to it.”

Her_Dying_Regret_Legacy_Artwork - promo - 579eec

Track Listing:

01 Intro

02 Ashes

03 All Judge, No Jury

04 The Shallow

05 Legacy

06 The Last Lie

07 The Filthy Truth

Listen To A Teaser Of Title Track ‘Legacy’ below!

‘Legacy’ is out 19th September 2013.



Her Dying Regret are from Reading, UK.

(Source: Future PR)

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