STRYPER “Second Coming” – STRYPER Revisits Their Classics; A Legendary Compilation

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STRYPER – Being a lifelong fan of STRYPER, I found it exciting news that this legendary Christian Heavy Metal band was going to release an album of re-recorded hits; with two new studio tracks. I’m even more excited now that I’ve had this entire Summer to enjoy Second Coming (Frontiers Records). This album makes for a definitive collection of STRYPER classics. These are the songs that STRYPER chose to re-record and they have given powerful new life to each one of them!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always revere the original songs that are represented as re-recordings on Second Coming. Besides, I’ve always found it (gasp) fun when a famous band decides to do a cover song album. With STRYPER covering their own classics, it really doesn’t get any better than this for fans waiting on their forthcoming studio album of original material: No More Hell To Pay (Frontiers Records – On November 5th).

Michael Sweet (guitarist, vocalist) has never sounded better on vocals, on Second Coming. Cliche? Nope. It’s truth for me. Collectively, this album of sixteen songs couldn’t sound any better unless there were thirty-two songs! Guitarist Oz Fox, drummer Robert Sweet and bassist Timothy Gaines all shine once again. Cliche? Nope. It’s reality for me.

Stryper - promo band pic - #77 - 2013

The two new studio tracks, Bleeding From Inside Out and Blackened are Heavy Metal gems! If this is the direction STRYPER is going with No More Hell To Pay, then I’m chopping at the bit for November 5th to come! Both of these new and heavy songs signify loud and clear, to me, that STRYPER are proud leaders of Christian Heavy Metal and have so much more to give to their fans!

I now look upon Second Coming as a victorious moment in the illustrious career of STRYPER. Why? This is a band that has survived and thrived, since 1983; overcoming the same hurdles, setbacks, trends and record industry gaffes that any other band from their era has endured. Nevertheless, the strong survive and STRYPER has stood the test of time and persevered, through their quality discography and sensational live concerts.

Second Coming, to me, serves as a powerful musical testament from STRYPER that they have been here all along, are here now and are looking to the future as well. An inspiring, influential and faith-filled Heavy Metal band that has spanned four decades and stuck to their principles. You can’t get any more truer than that; therefore, my sincere admiration for STRYPER is obvious and I’ve (historically) never held that back, here on Metal Odyssey. Metal be thy name.

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SECOND COMING – Track Listing:

Loud N’ Clear

Loving You

Soldiers Under Command

Makes Me Wanna Sing

First Love

The Rock That Makes Me Roll

Reach Out


To Hell With The Devil

Calling On You


The Way

Sing Along Song

More Than A Man

Bleeding From Inside Out (New)

Blackened (New)

Stryper - promo band pic - #78 - 2013

* For More Info On STRYPER:

Facebook: Stryper

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