KILLER DWARFS “START @ ONE” – A Classic Hard Rock Album Is Resurrected!

Killer Dwarfs - Start @ One - promo cover pic

5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!


KILLER DWARFSWhat once was old is new again. What once was forgotten is rediscovered and glistens like a full and welcomed beer keg under a moonlit sky. This beer keg being referenced is the “lost” studio album, Start @ One, from one of Canada’s greatest of Heavy Rock bands ever: KILLER DWARFS. With KILLER DWARFS new studio album Start @ One, the bright lights of Arena Rock and party like you’re 18 again magic of this 1980’s/early 90’s Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band has returned!

This album was meant to be released years ago; only the timing and circumstances surrounding it would not allow this darling batch of nine songs to see its delivery upon the Dwarf Nation. Now it’s here! Unlaced Nike high-top sneakers as my witness, this KILLER DWARFS album is as fun, entertaining and Hard Rockin’ today, as it would have been back in the day. This is an album and a band that is brimming with so much appeal. Many, many from the Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Hair Metal and Melodic Heavy Metal crowds should be stoked by the gallant return of KILLER DWARFS!

KillerDwarfsMadness1-logo - promo

Quality Melodic Hard Rock of yesteryear will never lose it’s luster, flavor or psyche-you-out impact on me. Start @ One is proof positive of this. It’s the colorful and booming sound of KILLER DWARFS, with major league songs that have always made them so memorable and this album is once again confirmation of just that; with the band’s chemistry of good times and Rock ’till you drop attitude spilling over each song!

Russ Dwarf should now be considered in every conversation of celebrated vocalists of 80’s Hard Rock up to present day. Solid Ground, Sky Is Falling and seven other songs are my choice favorites on Start @ One… and I’m not messing around! If you’re to take my Metal advice and run with it, then, go and buy Start @ One and be reminded that KILLER DWARFS have reunited and returned to conquer the villages, rural centers and all urban dwellings, while raising the Dwarf Nation flag to more grandiose heights! Metal be thy name.

Now… get your very own copy of Start @ One by clicking this link right here:

START @ ONE – Track Listing:

Lonely Road

Solid Ground

Sky Is Falling


Psycho Circus

Start @ One

Down In Hollywood

Walk On By

The Crowd

Killer Dwarfs - large band logo - B&W

Russ “Dwarf” Graham – vocals

Darrell “Dwarf” Millar – drums & vocals

Gerry “Cod Dwarf” Finn – guitars & vocals

Ronald “Bad Ronbo Dwarf” Mayer – bass & vocals

Additional Players:

John “Skully” Macintosh – keyboards

Fred Duvall – vocals

Cosimo Crupi – keyboards & vocals


* Album Art & Design: Chris Hale

* For More Info On KILLER DWARFS:

Facebook: Killer Dwarfs


Russ Dwarf:

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small




2 Responses to “KILLER DWARFS “START @ ONE” – A Classic Hard Rock Album Is Resurrected!”

  1. It’s definitely going on my Christmas list.

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