Stone Is Fed Up… And Here Are The Reasons Why…


You know, I haven’t bitched here on Metal Odyssey in a very long time. Very long time. Well, brace yourselves, cause I’m ready to bitch! I’m fed up. Wanna know why? Below are the reasons why I’m fed up. Take a gander at my bitching and if you don’t want to bother, well then, I really don’t give 2 shits. Seriously, I don’t. Metal be thy name.

1. ALL United States politicians from the municipal level on up can kiss my ass. Why? Cause Republicans are NOW Democrats and Democrats are NOW Republicans. Unless you’re a Tea Party constituent, y’all can kiss my ass again.

2. Dee Snider –  Please, Dee Snider, shut the hell up already. You are NO LONGER funny, relevant, inspirational or badass. You are merely a whisper of “what once was” prior to your very annoying 1983 album: Stay Hungry. Go Away now, Dee. You’re yesterdays news. Hey Dee… two words for you… Broad Way. Here’s two more words for you Dee: You Liberal.


3. Satellite Radio. Hey Satellite Radio… kiss my ass too! Y’all aren’t worth the drop of sweat off of a donkey’s asshole. I can lug around my CD catalog into my car and not have to give a shit about you corporate dumb dumbs; and save a TON of money in the process.

4. Apple. It seems like Apple is coming out with a NEW iPhone every two weeks now. Hey Apple… kiss my ass too! Hey Apple… how much of your BILLION dollars in profits have you given back to charity? Dumb asses, Apple.

5. Male erectile Enhancement Commercials. Give me a break. If I had a hard-on that lasted for more than 4 to 6 hours… I’m not calling any fucking doctor. If there are dudes out there that need this product, just pick up a copy of SWANK and you’ll save yourself a fortune. Plus, I’d wish these male erectile enhancement companies would STOP hiring all those geek corporate assholes to be acting like morons in your commercials. Dorks. Idiots.


6. Metallica. Please, Metallica, go away! Lars Ulrich looks like he’s 85 years old and y’all can’t put out a studio album without it sounding like a Rick Rubin billion dollar produced piece of shit called Death Magnetic.

7. Robert Trujillo – Somebody should remind Robert Trujillo, that his Metallica legacy is he’s ONLY played on that one full-length studio piece of garbage… Death Magnetic as a replacement musician for Metallica. I’m NOT even gonna count that EP offering of Beyond Magnetic. Why bother? It was a good effort by Metallica, yet, still, go away Metallica. Um, Mr. Trujillo… you are light years away from being the bass legend that Cliff Burton was (and still is). Go back to Sharon Osbourne and ask her if you could re-record more bass tracks for her on the Ozzy Osbourne catalog, Robert Trujillo. Reminder: You are NOT a Metallica legend, Robert Trujillo. Jason Newsted can school YOU on bass playing any day of the fucking year. YOU KNOW IT TOO.


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8 Responses to “Stone Is Fed Up… And Here Are The Reasons Why…”

  1. Melody of the Soul Says:

    Stone, your thoughts about Metallica made me laugh out loud 😀 You rock! 😀

  2. It’s always cool to let off steam every now and again and as always Stone, you do it with flair. If I have your permission, I would like to make a major groan. I don’t know if you visited my Black Sabbath, “Heaven and Hell” post but at the end I pay a special tribute to the 30th anniversary of the bombing that killed 241 marines in Lebanon. I mentioned the event on facebook and other social sites and got very little response. On facebook, I had to prompt several times about it.
    It seems that most of America wants to sweep it under the carpet and pretend it never happened. Link with music, if it wasn’t for my experiences and the people I met in the USMC, I wouldn’t be the metalhead I am today.

    • You can count on me for NEVER forgetting about that cowardly terrorist attack on our Marines, in Lebanon, back in 1983. Sadly, the current administration here, wants to sweep under the carpet ANY mention of the heroics that our past and current military have had.

      The Benghazi terrorist attack of 2012 has been nothing short of a SCANDAL here, with the closed lips ever present from our administration and Democrat controlled Senate. Nobody other than the conservative lawmakers here want answers and accountability. Trust me, this is how it’s happening over here. Mainstream news coverage of our current military heroics is non existent, unless you watch Fox News. I by no means am being political here, this is TRUTH, Metal Buddy. It’s not like any other political climate I’ve ever lived through, here in the States. It’s sad.

      I will PUSH your “Heaven And Hell” post via twitter and re-blog it on Metal Odyssey too! Please remember… the way my country “wants” to be portrayed by the rest of the world is NOT the legitimate consensus of “The People”… in other words, a HUGE, HUGE majority of U.S. citizens are STILL patriotic, only the “political correctness” and socialist ideals that is leaked down from “the top” is trying at every angle to spoil all the GOOD our Founding Fathers cemented into place, with our treasured U.S. Constitution.

      I’ll NEVER grow tired of thanking you for your courage to serve in the USMC. Your experience from it should always be considered as an asset to your writings on your fabulous blog site. YOU ROCK 80’s Metal Man \m/\m/

      God Bless America and God Bless The UK

  3. Not sure I agree with 6, 7 kind of on the fence about, but number 5 I couldn’t agree with you more. Nice rant.

    • LOL! Yeah… #5 is a winner! 🙂

      I guess you can call me an old school Metallica fan, where my loyalty to the band will always exist, I just feel that Metallica is way out of touch with their “older” fan base… especially billionaire Lars Ulrich.

      Whenever a band re-releases an album and has ‘other’ musicians come in to lay down NEW (yet identical) musical parts, (erasing the original musicians parts essentially), is just 100% unethical, in my opinion.

      The only reason Sharon Osbourne had Robert Trujillo play bass on the 2002 reissues of “Diary Of A Madman” and “Blizzard Of Oz” was due to her legal (monetary) battles with original bassist Bob Daisley. That is so rotten, it stinks all the way to the moon! If I was Robert Trujillo, I would have rejected such an insane request to lay down (new) bass tracks for those 2 legendary albums. I honestly would.

      I’m surprised Sharon Osbourne never had another guitarist come in to play over the majesty of Randy Rhoads… she’s that nonsensical. I guess it’s always bothered me, with this particular sad story of album reissue history.

      YOU ROCK and keep writing them Haikus… cause I read them!! 🙂 \m/\m/

      • Nice rant. I honestly didn’t know most of that, doesn’t surprise me one bit with Sharon. Yes, Robert should have stood up better for himself. I am also an old school Metallica fan, the decade I grew up with them on, but I do enjoy their newer stuff as well. Justice is still my album by them though, love that one. Thanks for reading my stuff.

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