MICHAEL SCHENKER & FRIENDS “Blood Of The Sun” – An Iconic Guitarist, A Legendary Covers Compilation Of Rock Classics!

Michael Schenker & Friends - Blood Of The Sun - promo cover pic - 2014

5 Metal Fists Out Of 5!


MICHAEL SCHENKER & FRIENDS Blood Of The Sun will be releasing on April 22, 2014, in North America, via Germany’s Collectors Dream Records. This is a 14 song compilation of Rock’s storied classics, including 2 instrumentals, courtesy of the iconic guitarist Michael Schenker!

Michael Schenker’s “Friends” are a roll-call of 12 Rock, Hard Rock and Metal luminaries! From Michael’s long-time vocalist Gary Barden, to Sebastian Bach, with Paul Di’Anno in-between, this compilation of Classic Rock cover songs gives me the ostrich bumps all over my arms and face, each time I listen to it! This album is Classic Rock ‘N Metal 101, my fellow Metal brethren and Rockaholics!

It is only fitting that this album has come together, with Michael Schenker sharing the stage and studio with a list of who’s who throughout his epic musical career. To my ears and Rock ‘N Roll senses, Michael Schenker has undeniably molded these Rock classics into his very own, with a little help from his friends! From Pink Floyd’s Money to Black Sabbath’s War Pigs, these classics are celebrated to the highest degree of vocal and musical excellence! Tim “Ripper” Owens essentially kills it, on the cover of War Pigs. Whoa!

Michael Schenker - publicity pic - 2013 - #10017

(Photo Credit: Michael Schenker Group / Temple Of Rock Facebook)

Michael Schenker magically allows his Dean Flying V guitar to do all the talking for him and each vocalist featured here sounds nothing short of terrific! The guitar tones of Michael Schenker are forever entrenched in the minds and souls of his countless fans; any fan of this guitar icon should be pleased by what they hear, on this album. This compilation defines Michael’s uniqueness and (improvisation-like) studio creativity, which has had him stand out among his peers for decades.

If I have come across as spellbound by this compilation from Michael Schenker & Friends, there is plenty of solid reasoning. I grew up listening to Michael Schenker, along with each and every vocalist here, from Joe Lynn Turner to Tim “Ripper” Owens and I immensley appreciate each and every one of their respective talents. Truth be told, this album is about Rock, Hard Rock and Metal coming together as one impressive Classic Rock family. Metal be thy name. – Stone

Track Listing:


  1. Out In The Fields – feat. Gary Barden (4:27)
  2. Save Yourself – feat. Robin McAuley (5:58)
  3. Doctor Doctor – feat. Jeff Scott Soto (6:08)
  4. War Pigs – feat. Tim “Ripper” Owens (7:27)
  5. Finding My Way – feat. Sebastian Bach (5:20)
  6. All Shook Up – feat. Joe Lynn Turner (4:25)
  7. Blood Of The Sun – feat. Leslie West (3:55)
  8. Money – feat. Tommy Shaw (6:06)
  9. I’m Not Talking – feat. Mark Slaughter (4:13)
  10. Hair Of The Dog – feat. Paul Di’Anno (4:14)
  11. I Don’t Live Today – feat. Sebastian Bach (3:54)
  12. Politician – feat. Jeff Pilson (5:12)
  13. Doctor Doctor – (instrumental) (6:14)
  14. War Pigs – (Instrumental) (7:49)

Collectors Dream Records - red & white logo - 2014 - #399

This album was released on March 28, 2014, via Collectors Dream Records, outside of North America.


You can pre-order Michael Schenker & Friends – Blood Of The Sun at Amazon.com, by clicking that huge link below! Whoa!



* For more info on MICHAEL SCHENKER:

Website: http://www.michaelschenkerhimself.com

Michael Schenker Group / Temple Of Rock

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4 Responses to “MICHAEL SCHENKER & FRIENDS “Blood Of The Sun” – An Iconic Guitarist, A Legendary Covers Compilation Of Rock Classics!”

  1. This looks like a great choice of songs, Stone! Can’t wait to hear ‘Hair of the Dog’ and Tommy Shaw’s take on ‘Money’! Schenker plays Leyendas del Rock this year here in Spain, and although I caught him in Dublin, he’s worth another look – he’s healthy and rockin’ right now! \m/\m/

    • Yup, Paul Di’Anno sings ‘Hair Of The Dog’ quite mightily and Schenker (of course) nails it, Kev! There’s some much added ‘oomph’ with the saxophone and Schenker’s guitar licks on ‘Money’ that makes it different in a very cool way 🙂 \m/\m/

  2. This is another re-release of 2005’s Heavy Hitters making this the 4th release with slight tracklisting differences & different cover artwork.

    Heavy Hitters (2005) was only 10 songs and didn’t include the 2 instrumentals, Save Yourself & Finding My Way.

    Doctor Doctor: The Kulick Sessions (2007) is the same tracklisting as this Blood Of The Sun release.

    By Invitation Only (2011) is another re-release without the two instrumentals but it includes a cover of Iron Maiden’s Run To The Hills (sung by Robin McAuley).

    Now we have Blood Of The Sun (2014) which is identical to The Kulick sessions except for the cover art.

    Heavy Metal Addiction.com

  3. Having just bought Schenker’s latest album a great one at that, Bridge The Gap and now an album that “covers” his influences
    over his long career, really looking forward to hearing the album. I
    guess in some respect there is nothing better than the original songs
    but with Michael Schenker’s “take” it will definitely be worth a listen.

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