The AJAY Project Releases New Single “I Am Not the Same”

The Ajay Project - promo pic - 2014 - #44074

Coinciding with the New Release is the Free Single “Asian Ritual” on CdBaby

Los Angeles, CA – The AJAY Project just released the follow-up to their first single, “You Made Me”, AJ’s ode of gratitude for his mother.  The new track, “I Am Not the Same”, is a Rock/Metal piece certainly contrasting their last release. This in your face rock jam proves the dynamic and genre bending abilities of The AJAY Project. Download “I Am Not the Same” on iTunes!

The Ajay Project - I am Not The Same - promo cover

“I Am Not the Same” is a song about a dysfunctional relationship that is changing a person for the worse. It’s about that realization and moment in which you discover that you are no longer yourself, and you have warped into someone you despise and no longer recognize. Front-man, Aj Santsagi originally started the song as an instrumental guitar track, but the song took a dramatic turn. Inspired by the vocals of lead singer Vio, who appears on their previous release “You Made Me” singing in Italian, the track took a new direction and a new life with her Progressive Rock vocals. Her passion and distinct direction and dedication towards music, especially Rock/Metal, made her the perfect choice and the idea to create this rock piece was born. With Aj at the helm of the production, the guitar riffs and rolling drums were added creating a dynamic and original production.

The Ajay Project - Asian Ritual - promo cover pic

As a thank you to fans, The AJAY Project is also releasing a new instrumental track called “Asian Ritual” which is now available on CdBaby for free. Slow strings bring you in and with each chord you are transported to a foreign place in a different time. It begins soft and peaceful; if you close your eyes you’d swear you were floating. As the track progresses it intensifies, taking you on a journey.  There is a mesmerizing piano under the strings that carries you throughout the track and percussion crescendos layered throughout. Both tracks were at the hands of the very talented, VJ Thomas, who served as the mixing engineer, co-producer, co-arranger and ultimately an integral part of the tracks development.

Stuck in a place where resources were scarce, the mastermind behind The AJAY Project, Aj Santsagi found it difficult to pursue his dream of music. He is native to India and growing up he wasn’t exposed to the world of music education, but he was fascinated by its potential. As he grew up he became more aware and had more opportunity to follow his passion – and he did just that.

The Ajay Project - promo photo - 2014 - #77710

After earning a degree in engineering to please his parents, Aj moved to Hollywood to pursue his musical aspirations. He has had the opportunity to work with numerous talented musicians as a producer and co-writer. Aj has put in tremendous work toward his goal, and is just starting his journey as an artist in his own right.

The first single, “You Made Me” began as a personal message to his mother, but as it developed he realized that it should be shared with a greater audience. In order to capture the melting pot that is Los Angeles and to pay homage to his hometown, Aj had the song translated into Hindi and several other languages. In addition, Aj had the iTunes proceeds donated to ten select charities around the globe. Aj is not only an extremely talented musician but also a dedicated philanthropist with a heart for people of all demographics.

You don’t want to miss out on the journey that The AJAY Project’s new single will take you on. Be sure to check out “Asian Ritual” for free on CdBaby, “I Am Not The Same” on iTunes and keep up with all things The AJAY Project on their official site:



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