J.RAD “SICK FANTASY” – New Album Of Hard Rock Splendor Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

J.Rad - Sick Fantasy - promo album cover pic - 2014

J.RAD – This seasoned and accomplished Hard Rock band originates from North Babylon, New York and what a hell of a band! The Hard Rock identity of sound that J.RAD plays I’ve found to be contagious and it’s my Metal duty to spread the Metal word! The new J.RAD studio album, Sick Fantasy, has elevated my love for guitar driven, heavy hittin’ and memorable American made Hard Rock! This album is so good that it’s one of the best Hard Rock albums I’ve listened to this year; with no pretentious bullshit to be heard, just pure 100% quality songs! Hard Rock hallelujah!

Lead vocalist Gino Rudolph has a tremendous voice, in my Metal opinion; he sings each song with such powerful conviction and emotion that I find it irresistible to applaud. In my Metal opinion, Gino can stand aside the best of vocalists in the Modern Hard Rock scene today, seriously, I find him that talented and fun to listen to. Drummer Mo Sticky is an obvious talent and flawlessly lays down the beats that send each song into their respective Hard Rock grandeur.

J.RAD - band logo - Sick Fantasy album - 2014 - #113JR

Guitarist Jared Cannata is so damn impressive with his fret work, this guy can freaking shred! Jared lays down so many crunchy,  fun-tastic riffs and solos that It’s easy to lose count of them all. My ears have informed me loud and clear that Jared Cannata can sonically dazzle with his axe. Whoa! With this level of musical talent impactful songs, Sick Fantasy is a non-stop ride through Hard Rock la-la land and I couldn’t be more honest than that judgement! This may all sound too good to be true, only it’s TRUE. Stone would never pump up an album unless it’s psyche-out city and this is exactly that, man!

The bassist keeping the rhythmic thunder rolling on this Sick Fantasy album you’ll hear is Russ Zutto and he’s since left the band on amicable terms. Therefore, it looks like J.RAD is searching for a new bassist to join their powerful band. The softest number on this album is Push and even this song Rocks. Overall, there is a sinister and bleak theme to this album lyrically; yet the up-tempo rhythm and melodies of the songs are what elevates my mood!

This album is for fans of SevendustAdelitas Way, CAVO, ColdPop Evil to FFDP and all in-between! Hard Rock and Metal fans alike can surely find something sonically cool about J.RAD. Man, this Sick Fantasy album has me elated and that’s what great albums and bands are supposed to do for me… or anyone else for that matter. Metal be thy name – Stone.

Sick Fantasy was released worldwide and is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, and pretty much every other download/streaming service!

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sick-fantasy/id926322449?uo=4

Over the years J.Rad has had the opportunity to share the stage with many prominent artists such as: Scott Stapp (Creed), Saliva, Filter, Gemini Syndrome, Living Colour, Twisted Sister, Vince Neil (Motlley Crue), Bret Michaels (Poison), Mountain, Eye Empire, Saving Abel, Zach Myers (Shinedown), Styper, LA Guns, Blue Oyster Cult, Joe Bonamassa, Johnny Winter and many others.


SICK FANTASY – Track Listing:

Breaking The Silence

Bombs Away

Is Anyone Listening?

Rather Die

Into The Water

Hold On




Hate To Love You



I Don’t

King Of The Castle


Who’s Laughing Now



Jared Cannata – Guitar/Vocals

Mo Sticky – Drums/Vocals

Gino Rudolph – Lead Vocals

J. Rad - Sick Fantasy - promo album banner pic - 2014 - #JRAD31

Art Direction, Cover Art, Layout, and Design by Jordan Cannata.

* For more info on J. RAD:

Facebook: J.Rad

Website: http://www.jradrocks.com

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jradrocks

Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/jrad





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