IRON MAIDEN – Infinite Dreams (Live) 12″ Vinyl From November 1989 – A Look Back On A Classic

Iron Maiden - Infinite Dreams - Live - Maiden England - vinyl promo pic - #1989

As told on the IRON MAIDEN Facebook:

This single (Infinite Dreams Live) reached #6 in the UK singles chart and was the band’s fourth Top 10 single from the Seventh Son album, the other positions being 3, 5 and 6. The video for this single was filmed at Birmingham NEC in November 1988 on the final leg of the Seventh Son Tour.

The full concert was also released the same month on longform vhs entitled Maiden England, and reissued for the first time on DVD in 2013. The b-side (Killers ’88) was the first official release of Killers being sung by Bruce.

Use links below to purchase the vinyl reissues:


Stone Says: I never owned this 12″ single of Infinite Dreams (Live), however, I did once own the (1989) die-cut picture disc of it! My late sister, Christine, had bought me the picture disc as a Christmas gift. God rest her soul. Sadly, I sold it about a dozen years ago or so, during a time when I was very broke and needed cash for necessities. This cool picture disc was an import from the UK. See photo below, as it is a very rare die-cut picture disc at that! As the late and great Frank Sinatra would sing… That’s Life.

Iron Maiden - picture disc - Infinite Dreams - die-cut - #1988 - 73

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  1. Cool stuff. Never heard of this.

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