DISSIDENT CLONE “State of Dysphoria” – 4 Song EP Is A Metal Blast!

Dissident Clone - State Of Dysphoria - promo album cover pic - #2015DCMO

4 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!


DISSIDENT CLONEState Of Dysphoria will be released on March 17th, 2015, via Tridroid Records. This is a 4 song EP that blasts its way through with the sonically mixed trio of Metal, Thrash and Punk. The duo that comprises Dissident Clone are: Patrick Morris on guitar/vocals and Chad Brunsell on drums.

I will admit without hesitation that this is one freaking fun EP to listen to! Underground, raw and retro all the way through, this EP is worth that full jar of rainy day beans you’re willing to let go of. Not only musically do Dissident Clone play the Metal, Thrash and Punk combination; Patrick Morris adjusts his vocals very capably based on which style is being played.


Dissident Clone packs an enormous wallop in just these 4 songs, I am very delighted to say. There’s even some groove Metal and haunting riffage going on with their song Eye Of The Wound. Savvy musicians that have compiled a blue-chip EP are Dissident Clone. I highly recommend to all who appreciate music that kick-starts the party into a ruckus. Metal be thy name. – Stone

Track List:

Waiting To Collapse

Servile Sector

Eye Of The Wound

Crushed From Above


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2 Responses to “DISSIDENT CLONE “State of Dysphoria” – 4 Song EP Is A Metal Blast!”

  1. Hell yeah, thanks for checking out our music! – Patrick

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