On This Day In METAL History – February 13th… And A METAL Birthday Salute To HENRY ROLLINS

Led Zeppelin - ticket promo - 1975 - Nassau Coliseum - Feb - 13 - MOLZ

On February 13th, 1975 – The incredible Led Zeppelin performed at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, Long Island, New York. What’s that? Did I hear someone say… Led Zeppelin rules?

The Wedding Singer - promo movie poster pic - #1998ASDBMO

On this day in 1998 – The comedy/romance movie, The Wedding Singer, was released to wide-screen theaters. This movie stars the hilarious Adam Sandler and always fun Drew Barrymore. The great Billy Idol makes a cameo appearance in this film too! The acting chemistry between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore is really fabulous stuff, in my Metal opinion.

I highly recommend this movie if you haven’t already seen it. I just dig the storyline, acting and funny atmosphere of this movie. I believe I’ve seen this picture about 25 times now! The Wedding Singer was written by Tim Herlihy and directed by Frank Coraci. Yes, The Wedding Singer is… Metal.

Wednesday 13 - The Dixie Dead - promo cover pic - 2013!

On February 13th, 2013Wednesday 13 performed at the world-famous Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California, USA. This was a stop on The Dixie Dead Tour, supporting the band’s fifth full-length studio album released in February of 2013: The Dixie Dead.

Misfits - Classic band logo - Crimson Ghost - #1302MOMJO

On this day in 2015 – The legendary MISFITS are scheduled to perform at The Paramount in Huntington, New York, USA. This concert has been promoted as Misfits: St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Presented by WBAB. Long live MISFITS!

Happy Birthday - promo banner - #2014BD

Rollins Band - promo - #1RBMO


On February 13th, 1961, Henry Rollins was born. Happy Birthday, Henry Rollins! Whoa, yeah! Henry Rollins is world-famously known as a former vocalist for Hardcore/Punk legends Black Flag and fronting his own Heavy Rock band: Rollins Band.

Henry Rollins - 10 Things You Don't Know About - promo banner - History Channel - MOHR

With Rollins Band no more, Henry Rollins has achieved success as an actor, touring spoken word artist, radio and television host, writer, journalist, activist and owner of his own publishing company and record label. In other words, Henry Rollins stays very busy! TV Guide has described Henry Rollins as a Renaissance Man.

Currently, Henry Rollins is host for the History Channel’s fun, informative and addicting series: 10 Things You Don’t Know About. I watch this show with my wife and we are big fans of both this series and Henry Rollins. Long live Henry Rollins! Metal be thy name!


Stone - 2011 Photo #1




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