WILL Z. “Dark Tales Of Will Z.” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

Will Z. - Dark Tales Of Will Z. - Promo album cover pic - #2014DPRMO

4 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!


Press release info and Metal Odyssey review to follow below:

Having made music across a mind-bending large number of genres, from Hard Rock through Acid-Folk to Baroque Pop, multi-instrumentalist Will Z. has now turned his attention to the world of Occult Rock. Gaining inspiration from the strange and psychedelic world of Syd Barrett and the doomy leanings of early Black Sabbath, he was addicted to as a teenager, he created Dark Tales Of Will Z., exploring new territory in the musician’s repertoire.

This album is a collection of dark electric numbers, originally intended for the final part of his previous album, 12 Visions, and songs composed from 1997 to 1999, when Will Z. was a teenager.

Metal Odyssey Review:

This new album from Will Z. was released back on September 15th of 2014, via HeadSpin Records and I’ll readily admit it’s a very cool musical surprise I never expected to have drop upon my brain. Many of the best music artists out there today are either underground or completely unknown; Will Z. should rightfully be known.

I find Dark Tales Of Will Z. to remind me of all those wonderful Saturday mornings of watching Creature Feature when I was a kid, during the late 70’s. This album is something else, cause while I listen to it I envision myself going back in time in a very enjoyable way. This Will Z. album is retro in its vibes, style and sound, with Occult Rock as its genre, therefore I get to understand what Iron Butterfly might have sounded like if they recorded today. There’s also a touch of very early Uriah Heep that jumps out at me from some of the songs on this album; then again, that might just be me.

Will Z. - Dark Tales Of Will Z. - Promo album cover pic - #2014DPRMO

Spacey and psychedelic swirls of sound, with an unending journey of dreamlike atmospheres, coupled with Doom riffs, chilling chants and darkened sonic passages are awaiting you, courtesy of Will Z. and I’ve been won over! I never knew this guy existed beforehand and now I’m a fan! There truly is a lot going on musically on this album and it will be one for me to listen to dozens of times in order to take it all in; and that’s a good thing. In my Metal opinion, this album can very well be the soundtrack to a Space Western movie or even a Rob Zombie directed psychotic thriller.

I commend Will Z. on this musical package of ingenious Rock. His multi-instrumental abilities show no limitations and his vocals are (at times) stuff of Chris Goss from Masters Of Reality fame. I highly recommend Dark Tales Of Will Z. to all those who yearn for something different, an album that is still dark and creepy musically and takes you on a surreal path to music’s land of delight. Metal be thy name. – Stone


Track List: 1. Total Darkness, 2. Satan Girl, 3. The Eye Of Destiny, 4. Venenum Versus Viam, 5. Spider Blues, 6. 171bpm, 7. My Dark Side, 8. I’m Not Me, 9. Captain Blizzard, 10. Ego Ritual, 11. Pure Beauty, 12. Trouble Me





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