HELLEBORUS “COILS” – A Metal Odyssey Song Review

Helleborous - Press Photo - 2015 - #HMO661604

Photo Credit – Carlton Cruz

5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!


HELLEBORUS – Two musical brothers are Helleborus and they are from L to R in the top photo: Wyatt Houseman (vocals, lyrics) and Jerred Houseman (producer, all instruments). Helleborus are a Black Metal band from Manitou Springs, Colorado and named after a poisonous flower that blooms in Winter. (The Helleborus flower is native to most of Europe and also grows along the north coast of Turkey).

The new song from Helleborus, Coils, was released on March 26th, 2015 and their debut album, The Carnal Sabbath, is forthcoming. I will forever embrace quality underground Metal, especially underground Black Metal. Helleborus have without question, tapped into my Black Metal psyche with their new song. I honestly cannot stop listening to Coils. Yes, being a devoted fan to Satyricon, I do hear an influence of said band within the textures of Coils. This is strong, melodic Black Metal at its very finest, my Metal brethren.

At 5:06 long, Coils is wonderfully dark escape for my Metal mind. Wyatt Houseman is excellent and convincingly real on vocals. Wyatt’s vocals go straight through me and that’s a plus. Jarred Houseman I applaud highly for being such an exciting multi-instrumentalist. I especially love Jarred’s guitar prowess. I’m always stunned when Coils comes to an end, for this song is so damn good it feels like it plays out for only a minute. I absolutely cannot wait to absorb the upcoming debut album from Helleborus. Black Metal anticipation is a glorious thing. Metal be thy name. – Stone

Helleborus - band logo - 2015 - #HMO160466

Information about Wyatt and Jerred Houseman’s previous band Execration:

Back To The Black Tour 2: Support for Vader & Vital Remains.

Album Release: The Acceptance Of Zero Existence 2012

Festival Appearances:

Building Temples from Death (2012/2013)

Las Vegas Death Fest II (2010 & 2009)

Be Kind & Regrind II (2009)

Gore Growle’s Ball (2009)

Shared the stage with:

Incantation, Origin, Suffocation, Malevolent Creation, All Shall Perish, Allegaeon, The Black Dahlia Murder, Cephalic Carnage, Dehumanized, Misery Index, Soilent Green, Satan’s Host, Lecherous Nocturne, Pathology, Devourment, Condemned, Arkaik, Monstrosity


* For more info on HELLEBORUS:

Facebook: Helleborus







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    Thanks for the awesome review!!!

  2. You are very welcome!!

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