Sisters Of… Stream New Album At Decibel

Sisters Of - The Serpent The Angel The Adversary - promo album cover pic - 2015

Post-metal masters SISTERS OF… have teamed up with Decibel magazine to premiere their latest masterpiece The Serpent, the Angel, the Adversary in full. The album releases next week on May 12th via Crowquill Records, but you can now stream it in full at Decibel now. The stream can be heard at this location:

Pre-order the album here:

About Sisters Of

Sisters of… is a genre-defying project from St. Joseph, Missouri. Multi-instrumentalist Aaron Coker (ex-Appleseed Cast, Reggie & The Full Effect) was joined by Chris Clark and together Sisters of… was born. Tired of musical limitations, Coker’s idea of blending heavy and atmospheric sounds was realized in a track that evolved into the cornerstone of Sisters of…’s first EP, Follow Me as a Ghost. Layers of post-rock, metal, and experimental elements build evocative soundscapes that expand beyond the conventional themes of life and death.

Impressed by Follow Me as a Ghost, which St. Joseph’s News-Press called “experimental metal at its finest,” Crowquill Records invited Sisters of… to join the label and work jointly toward the actualization of Sisters of…’s first full-length, which will be released in May of 2015.

Sisters Of - promo band pic - 2015 - #05042015MO


Source: Dewar PR






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