Black Metal Brother Duo HELLEBORUS Announce Live Line Up Additions + Offer Free Download Of ‘Coils’ On

Helleborous - Press Photo - 2015 - #HMO661604

L-R – Wyatt  Houseman (vocals, lyrics) – Jerred Houseman (producer, all instruments) – Photo Credit – Carlton Cruz

Helleborus – Coils – FREE Download here

Manitou Springs, Colorado based Helleborus, the new creation of brothers Jerred & Wyatt Houseman (both former members of Execration) are proud to announce their live line up has just grown with the addition of drummer Brent Boutte’ and guitarist Ian H..

“Today Helleborus introduces two of our live ritual performance members. We are closer now to bringing our magic live and our rehearsals are flowing faster than expected. It will be some time still before we hit the stage, but the hunger is becoming more real. More news and members will be announced soon.” comments vocalist / lyricist Wyatt Houseman.

Brent Boutte - Helleborus - 2015 - promo pic

Ian H. - Helleborus - promo pic - 2015 - #05MOH

Named after a gorgeous but poisonous flower that blooms in winter, Helleborus pushes their creative freedom to new levels as the psychedelic black metal project is Dionysian in nature and explores themes of sexual mysticism, Qabalah & the Esoteric. For their debut to the metal world, the band has unleashed a free download of their track ‘Coils‘ available at the following link on here.

‘Coils’ is one of many songs the brothers plan to unleash on their soon to be finished debut full length ‘The Carnal Sabbath’, a release that combines black, death and doom metal with a vast ambiance. Venturing outside the conventional colors of traditional black metal, Jerred & Wyatt plan to deliver a new aura of sound where fans of The Devil’s Blood, Satyricon, Necorphobic, Belphegor, Blut Aus Nord are sure to connect with them.

Album Band Line Up features: Wyatt (vocals, lyrics) & Jerred Houseman (producer, all instruments)

For more info, please visit the following links:

I will forever embrace quality underground Metal, especially underground Black Metal. Helleborus have without question, tapped into my Black Metal psyche with their new song. I honestly cannot stop listening to Coils.” – Metal Odyssey


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