Wanna See My JANI LANE Autographed Trading Card? It’s Really Cool…

Jani Lane - Autographed UD card - front - Metal Odyssey - 2015

That’s it at the top! That’s my Jani Lane autographed trading card and it’s certified authentic (see photo below). This unbelievable piece of Rock ‘N’ Roll history was seeded into packs of Upper Deck Spectrum Of Stars trading cards, which were initially sold around 2008; that’s the date printed on the back of this card, anyways. I bought this Jani Lane gem a couple of years before he passed away. A sports card dealer in Allentown, Pennsylvania had this card for sale and was asking $10 for it; I offered $8 instead and the dealer accepted. Whoa! Two other of these autographed trading cards that I own are: Miljenko Matijevic (Steelheart vocalist) and Don Dokken. Whoa, again!

To this day, I am very saddened that Jani Lane could not find the strength to battle his addictions. Jani Lane was a bona fide vocal and songwriting talent; he was a huge reason as to why Warrant became so successful, back in the day. Jani Lane also released a solo album back in 2003 titled: Back Down To One.

In 2008, Jani Lane’s (supergroup) band, Saints Of The Underground, released their debut studio album: Love The Sin, Hate The Sinner. I don’t own Jani’s solo album; yet I do own his S.O.T.U. release and it’s pretty damn good. You can read my abbreviated review for this album, (which I originally wrote back in 2008), by clicking the link below:


Jani Lane - Autographed UD card - back - Metal Odyssey - 2015


Kicking any addiction isn’t easy. I have been sober since September of 2014 and it is an inner struggle every day to overcome. Substance addiction is a disease. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Alcohol was never my buddy looking out for me. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, stay strong, find help at all costs and please remember you are not alone.  – Stone


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February 1, 1964 – August 11, 2011.


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