LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE “Better Than Maroon 5” EP Releasing This Fall, via HighVolMusic

Liberty N Justice - Better Than Maroon 5 - promo cover pic - EP - 2015 - #0915LNJMO

LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE the Christian influenced melodic rock project with a 20 year history has signed with the independent label HighVolMusic for their next release titled ‘Better Than Maroon 5’.

LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE has been turning out some of the most-talked-about records in the melodic rock market. LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE’s last all-star album, ‘The Cigar Chronicles’, was their best yet. It featured 26 songs and over 70 guest musicians.

The upcoming release ‘Better Than Maroon 5’ is the second album since LNJ transformed from a project to full-fledged band. Founder Justin Murr is joined on this new record with Larry Worley formerly of Fear Not and Brent Stortzum.

In the past, LNJ’s projects have become a who’s who in rock music, featuring many artists in Rock N’ Roll. This next chapter will add another dimension to the already solidified legacy of LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE giving the rock world another world-class release.

‘Better Than Maroon 5’ is slated for release in the Fall of 2015.



HighVolMusic - logo - yellow on black - 2015 - #0602MO





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