The Wolf Council – Released On Vinyl via Static Tension Recordings

The Wolf Council - promo vinyl photo - 2015 - TWCMO06

Static Tension Recordings are proud to announce that the vinyl version of The Wolf Council’s self-titled album is now available for purchase. The critically acclaimed album was previously released on CD and digital formats and has now been released in beautiful vinyl due to the demand by fans.

The album is limited to 500 copies: 100 clear, 150 red and 250 black. This is the last time the label will produce a clear edition vinyl, so that version is expected to sell out quickly. Fans who do not appreciate vinyl can still purchase the album on CD or digitally.

Purchase The Wolf Council direct from Static Tension Recordings here:

About the Wolf Council

The Wolf Council, a power-trio from Minneapolis/St. Paul, consists of Steve Williams (vocals, guitar), Jeff Paske (drums), and Steve Post (bass/vocals). The band formed exactly at 1:30am on August 7th 2013 and officially signed to Static Tension Recordings at noon on New Years Eve 2014; The Wolf Council are nothing if not precise! Having spent years toiling around the Minneapolis scene, the trio formed an alliance and The Wolf Council was born. Raised on a steady diet of Melvins, Fugazi, and Big Business, The Wolf Council seek to continue the brutal, sonic attack that the aforementioned bands all exude. Playing live weekly has honed the band’s sound and skill, and has made them a beast live. The band’s début was released on CD in February 2015.

The Wolf Council Online:



Static Tension Recordings Online




Static Tension Recordings - large logo - 2015 - black & white

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