On This Day In METAL History – June 6th… From IRON MAIDEN To STEVE VAI

Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead Or Alive - promo CD single - cover photo - 1987 - #330606MO

On June 6th, 1987Bon Jovi’s hit single Wanted Dead Or Alive is ranked at #7, on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart.

Iron Maiden - Brave New World tour - promo flyer - June 6 - 2000

On June 6th, 2000 – The phenomenal IRON MAIDEN perform in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia; one of many dates on The Brave New World Tour. Long live IRON MAIDEN!

Guns N Roses - Classic Logo - #551966GNR

On June 6th, 1992Guns N’ Roses’ performed a concert at Paris’ Hippodrome de Vincennes. This Rock historic concert featured guest appearances from Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Jeff Beck, Lenny Kravitz and Soundgarden. This concert was aired live on pay-per-view in North America. Holy moly and miraculous macaroni!

KISS - Promo band - classic logo - pic promo - 2013 - #3

On June 6th, 2015 – KISS brings their 40th Anniversary Tour to the massive Rock In Vienna Festival tonight! Yes, KISS are the headliner. Whoa!

Happy Birthday - promo banner - #2014BD

Steve Vai - Classic Rock - promo cover pic - June 25 - 2012 - #06MO


On June 6th, 1960, Steve Vai was born in New York. Happy Birthday, Stev Vai! Whoa and hell yeah! Steve Vai is a world-class guitarist and incredibly successful solo artist. Steve Vai has performed and/or recorded with the following bands: Whitesnake, David Lee Roth, Alcatrazz, 777, The Classified, The Out Band, Frank Zappa, Morning Thunder and Axis.

If you are unfamiliar with Steve Vai, please familiarize yourself with his music. This is a tried and true guitarist that has mastered his own signature sound that is unlike any other. I feel blessed to have seen Steve Vai perform live; he is just a remarkable guitarist. Metal be thy name. – Stone

Above photo: Steve Vai cover feature for Classic Rock magazine, August 2012, issue #174.


Stone - 2011 Photo #1




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