HELLOWEEN – Current News On Germany’s Power Metal Legends

Helloween - Burrn! - magazine cover photo promo - 2015 - #0106HMOAD

* HELLOWEEN are the cover feature for the June 5th, 2015 issue of BURRN! magazine. (See above photo).

Helloween - My God Given Right - debut - #9 - Japan - June 2015 - promo flyer

* HELLOWEEN’s brand new studio album, My God-Given Right, debuted at position #9 on the Japanese national weekly chart. It is the first time in 17 years that an album by Helloween has been ranked among the top 10; ever since their album ‘Better Than Raw’ landed at position #9 in 1998!!


* On June 6th, 2015 – My God-Given Right is ranked at #19 on the (USA) iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart.

* This super great album debuted at #4 on the (USA) iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart, on June 2nd, 2015. Metal Be Thy Name!

Andi, Weiki, Markus, Sascha and Dani… Congratulations!!

* On June 6th, 2015 – HELLOWEEN are performing today, at the South Park Festival, in Tampere, Finland. Whoa!


For more info on HELLOWEEN:

Facebook: Helloween

Website: http://www.helloween.org/





6 Responses to “HELLOWEEN – Current News On Germany’s Power Metal Legends”

  1. Did you buy Japan’s “Burrn!” magazine? How do you know about Japan’s chart ranking?
    I was surprised! It’s great!

    • Hey my Metal Buddy from Tokyo! I found the info on the Helloween Facebook page. I also follow the U.S. iTunes Heavy Metal Chart every day! \m/\m/

      • Oh! I read Burrn! magazine every month.

        • I have never seen Burrn! for sale here. Any of the import Metal mags are $10.99 or a few dollars higher and many do come with a cool compilation CD included. Metal Hammer, Classic Rock, Terrorizer and Zero Tolerance are mags I will pick up (not all every month though!).

          I also like the mag Fireworks, which I just bought a couple of weeks ago; lots of Classic Rock in it. Where I live, the ONLY place that sells these magazines is a chain store named: Barnes & Noble; it’s a huge bookstore. I stopped buying the (American mag) Revolver; it became a very THIN mag with little content and no CD with it. Plus too pricey at $7 for so little it offers.

          You ROCK \m/\m/

          • I know “Metal Hammer” and “Classic Rock”. Those are available here too…as well as the American rags “Revolver” and “Metal Edge”.
            I occasionally buy one of those.

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