BAD COMPANY Self-Titled Album – Revisiting A Classic Rock Gem From 1974

Bad Company - debut album cover - 1974 - promo pic - #0626MONASOAFD

I believe I once wrote about the 1974 debut and S/T studio album from BAD COMPANY before. If I did, it definitely wasn’t this detailed, as you shall see. Whatever. I did not bother to look up if I did write about it, for I love this album so much anyways. In this post, I have utilized the legitimate facts about this album from a most reliable source: Classic Rock Magazine: Bad Co. – Limited Edition Collector’s Pack. This special edition was released back in 2014 and it also came with a Bad Company DVD (an authorized 40th Anniversary Documentary). Photos of the Bad Company band members were also inserted into this Collector’s Pack too, suitable for framing! How cool is that?

Listen To Can’t Get Enough, Below! Whoa!

My does this Bad Company debut have a delectable menu of Hard Rock hits and I can NEVER get sick of them! Here they are: Can’t Get Enough, Rock Steady, Ready For Love, Bad Company, et cetera. Timeless songs all. Want an example as to why these songs are timeless? Just listen to the cover version of Bad Company by Five Finger Death Punch. Talk about an explosive and psyche-you-out-of-your-skull cover song! Heck, the FFDP cover version of Bad Company has been in the iTunes Top Ten Metal Songs Chart for what seems forever!

Recently, I told my co-workers that the FFDP cover version is better than the original! I must be insane for thinking and saying that! May the Classic Rock Gods forgive me. Still, it is an extreme rarity when I do side with a cover version of any song. Don’t get me wrong, the original Bad Company song still makes me feel like a super bad-ass too.

Bad Company - Classic Rock Magazine - Collectors Pack - 2014 - #33MMSAMBS9939OT

Above is source I referred to: Classic Rock MagazineLimited Edition Collector’s Pack (2014)

I first heard Bad Company on the FM dial and this was well before Heavy Metal changed my life for the better. I did not own this Bad Company album until I bought it on cassette; it was somewhere around the beginning of the 80’s decade when Foreigner, QueenREO Speedwagon, STYX, AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Blue Oyster Cult and KISS were the heaviest bands I knew about, listened to and purchased on an analog medium. This Bad Company album, like an endless list of others, just makes me feel so doggone good. I recommend this album to any person, young or old, that is just starting to listen to Classic Hard Rock. Bad Company should come with a required listening sticker on its CD cover, for craps sake.

As for the band, what more can I say that already has been said? Yes, supergroup. On this Bad Company album, former Free frontman Paul Rodgers, Drummer Simon Kirke (Free), guitarist Mick Ralphs (Mott the Hoople) and bassist Boz Burrell (King Crimson) come across as having that musical chemistry that cannot be bought or sold at any price. Sometimes I wonder if this band knew how incredible their sound and songs were, while recording this album! Kinda gives me the Classic Rock chills, you know?

Bad Company - debut album cover - 1974 - promo pic - #0626MONASOAFD

Here is the complete track listing for Bad Company: Can’t Get Enough, Rock Steady, Ready For Love, Don’t Let Me Down, Bad Company, The Way I Choose, Movin’ On, Seagull. It’s amazing how only 8 songs can make this album so complete! With today’s standards, 8 songs would be called an EP. I think so, anyways. Here is how popular this Bad Company album was, after its release: #3 in the UK and #1 in the USA. Jumping jolly ranchers!

Did You Know? - Banner - Metal Odyssey - 0704SLNASAMOTT

The sales of Bad Company has an impressive history like this: 5X Platinum and among the Top 50 best-selling albums of the 70’s decade! Whoa! Plus, that’s without Pro Tools. Below are some more facts about this album; some of you may find it exciting, while others may not. Those who don’t care about this stuff are members of The Ex-Lax Fan Club anyways. Enjoy:

  • Record Label: Island (UK) and Swan Song (World)
  • Swan Song was the imprint record label of the iconic Led Zeppelin.
  • A song from Paul Rodgers, Superstar Woman, was not included on this Bad Company album. This song was later included on Paul Rodgers 1982 solo studio album: Cut Loose.
  • A Free song, Easy On My Soul, was covered for the B-side to the hit single 45rpm of Can’t Get Enough. The original Easy On My Soul song is featured on the sixth and last Free studio album from 1973: Heartbreaker.
  •  Bad Company was produced by Bad Company and engineer Ron Nevison.
  • Bad Company was released back in June of 1974.
  • Bad Company was recorded during November of 1973 at Headley Grange, Hampshire.





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  1. That is such a classic album.

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