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BAD COMPANY “Live In Concert 1977 & 1979” – Releases On April 29th, 2016

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Bad Company - Live In Concert 1977 & 1979 - promo album cover pic - #MO3399ILMFM

As reported on the Bad Company Facebook:

We’re thrilled to announce the release of BAD COMPANY: LIVE IN CONCERT 1977 & 1979. The first-ever official live album to spotlight the original Bad Company line up: Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs, Simon Kirke and Boz Burrell.

BAD COMPANY: LIVE IN CONCERT 1977 & 1979 will be available April 29, 2016 as a double-CD set and digital release, with a 2 LP vinyl release to follow later this year. Pre-Order the 2 CD Set:

LIVE IN CONCERT 1977 & 1979 features more than two-and-half hours of unreleased music taken from 24-track tapes in the Bad Company vault. The music heard on this live collection features absolutely no enhancements or overdubs, nothing but the band as they performed live on the night of the concert.

LIVE IN CONCERT 1977 & 1979
 – Track Listing:

Disc One: Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas (5/23/77):
1. “Burnin’ Sky”
2. “Too Bad”
3. “Ready For Love”
4. “Heartbeat”
5. “Morning Sun”
6. “Man Needs Woman”
7. “Leaving You”
8. “Shooting Star”
9. “Simple Man”
10. “Movin’ On”
11. “Like Water”
12. “Live For The Music”
13. Drum Solo
14. “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad”
15. “Feel Like Makin’ Love”
Disc Two: Live at The Empire Pool, Wembley, London (3/9/79):
1. “Bad Company”
2. “Gone, Gone, Gone’
3. “Shooting Star”
4. “Rhythm Machine”
5. “Oh, Atlanta”
6. “She Brings Me Love”
7. “Run With The Pack”
8. “Evil Wind”
9. Drum Solo
10. “Honey Child”
11. “Rock Steady”
12. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy”
13. “Hey Joe”*
14. “Feel Like Makin’ Love”
15. “Can’t Get Enough”
* Recorded at Capitol Center, Washington, DC (6/26/79)


For more Bad Company info:

Facebook: Bad Company




BAD COMPANY Self-Titled Album – Revisiting A Classic Rock Gem From 1974

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Bad Company - debut album cover - 1974 - promo pic - #0626MONASOAFD

I believe I once wrote about the 1974 debut and S/T studio album from BAD COMPANY before. If I did, it definitely wasn’t this detailed, as you shall see. Whatever. I did not bother to look up if I did write about it, for I love this album so much anyways. In this post, I have utilized the legitimate facts about this album from a most reliable source: Classic Rock Magazine: Bad Co. – Limited Edition Collector’s Pack. This special edition was released back in 2014 and it also came with a Bad Company DVD (an authorized 40th Anniversary Documentary). Photos of the Bad Company band members were also inserted into this Collector’s Pack too, suitable for framing! How cool is that?

Listen To Can’t Get Enough, Below! Whoa!

My does this Bad Company debut have a delectable menu of Hard Rock hits and I can NEVER get sick of them! Here they are: Can’t Get Enough, Rock Steady, Ready For Love, Bad Company, et cetera. Timeless songs all. Want an example as to why these songs are timeless? Just listen to the cover version of Bad Company by Five Finger Death Punch. Talk about an explosive and psyche-you-out-of-your-skull cover song! Heck, the FFDP cover version of Bad Company has been in the iTunes Top Ten Metal Songs Chart for what seems forever!

Recently, I told my co-workers that the FFDP cover version is better than the original! I must be insane for thinking and saying that! May the Classic Rock Gods forgive me. Still, it is an extreme rarity when I do side with a cover version of any song. Don’t get me wrong, the original Bad Company song still makes me feel like a super bad-ass too.

Bad Company - Classic Rock Magazine - Collectors Pack - 2014 - #33MMSAMBS9939OT

Above is source I referred to: Classic Rock MagazineLimited Edition Collector’s Pack (2014)

I first heard Bad Company on the FM dial and this was well before Heavy Metal changed my life for the better. I did not own this Bad Company album until I bought it on cassette; it was somewhere around the beginning of the 80’s decade when Foreigner, QueenREO Speedwagon, STYX, AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Blue Oyster Cult and KISS were the heaviest bands I knew about, listened to and purchased on an analog medium. This Bad Company album, like an endless list of others, just makes me feel so doggone good. I recommend this album to any person, young or old, that is just starting to listen to Classic Hard Rock. Bad Company should come with a required listening sticker on its CD cover, for craps sake.

As for the band, what more can I say that already has been said? Yes, supergroup. On this Bad Company album, former Free frontman Paul Rodgers, Drummer Simon Kirke (Free), guitarist Mick Ralphs (Mott the Hoople) and bassist Boz Burrell (King Crimson) come across as having that musical chemistry that cannot be bought or sold at any price. Sometimes I wonder if this band knew how incredible their sound and songs were, while recording this album! Kinda gives me the Classic Rock chills, you know?

Bad Company - debut album cover - 1974 - promo pic - #0626MONASOAFD

Here is the complete track listing for Bad Company: Can’t Get Enough, Rock Steady, Ready For Love, Don’t Let Me Down, Bad Company, The Way I Choose, Movin’ On, Seagull. It’s amazing how only 8 songs can make this album so complete! With today’s standards, 8 songs would be called an EP. I think so, anyways. Here is how popular this Bad Company album was, after its release: #3 in the UK and #1 in the USA. Jumping jolly ranchers!

Did You Know? - Banner - Metal Odyssey - 0704SLNASAMOTT

The sales of Bad Company has an impressive history like this: 5X Platinum and among the Top 50 best-selling albums of the 70’s decade! Whoa! Plus, that’s without Pro Tools. Below are some more facts about this album; some of you may find it exciting, while others may not. Those who don’t care about this stuff are members of The Ex-Lax Fan Club anyways. Enjoy:

  • Record Label: Island (UK) and Swan Song (World)
  • Swan Song was the imprint record label of the iconic Led Zeppelin.
  • A song from Paul Rodgers, Superstar Woman, was not included on this Bad Company album. This song was later included on Paul Rodgers 1982 solo studio album: Cut Loose.
  • A Free song, Easy On My Soul, was covered for the B-side to the hit single 45rpm of Can’t Get Enough. The original Easy On My Soul song is featured on the sixth and last Free studio album from 1973: Heartbreaker.
  •  Bad Company was produced by Bad Company and engineer Ron Nevison.
  • Bad Company was released back in June of 1974.
  • Bad Company was recorded during November of 1973 at Headley Grange, Hampshire.






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The Dead Daisies - promo band pic - 2014 - 39908

The US summer is synonymous with bands going on the road and for The Dead Daisies they’ll be spending it on tour with British Classic Rock giant Bad Company led by singer Paul Rodgers and American Southern Rock legends Lynyrd Skynyrd for dates in the United States starting July 10.

Following the release of their self-titled debut earlier this year, The Dead Daisies are proud to announce the Face I Love EP, out Friday 1 August. The eponymous single drops Friday 20 June along with an innovative interactive Facebook Application that will allow fans to be a part of the album cover art and music video. The Dead Daisies are happy to announce that they have signed and will release their new single and EP with local indie label Social Family Records in Australia and New Zealand.

“This is the first group of songs that Diz, Marco and I have recorded with the Daisies,” declares Fortus. “I haven’t been this excited about a recording in a long, long time and think they really capture what the band has developed in to over the last year of touring. It’s new music for classic rock fans!”

The touring lineup includes Jon Stevens (Noiseworks/INXS) on vocals, David Lowy (Mink/Red Phoenix) on guitar, Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses/Psychedelic Furs) on lead guitar, Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy/Whitesnake) on bass, Dizzy Reed (Guns N’ Roses/Hookers & Blow) on keys and are pleased to announce the new addition of Brian Tichy (Whitesnake/Foreigner/Billy Idol) on drums.

“I am PSYCHED to hit, and I do mean, HIT!, the road, as well as every drum I can fit on the riser, this Summer with my buds in The Dead Daisies. We clicked the first time and we get to do it again with some of our favorite bands of all time! Bad Company with Simon Kirke! Lynyrd Skynyrd with good bud Michael Cartellone!! Yeah! My goal; groove hard, have fun, and swing for the cheap seats! I look forward to “A Dead Daisies Summer Of Rock, Volume, Ampitheaters, Power And Friends! See y’all there!!! – Brian Tichy

The Dead Daisies - Bad Company - Lynyrd Skynyrd - promo tour flyer - US - 2014

Despite being a band that consists of seasoned rock veterans, The Dead Daisies celebrate technology and are heavily integrated into social media. On Monday, June 23, 2014 The Dead Daisies will launch the “Face I Love” App on their Facebook page and as well as a mobile app. Created to represent the iconic daisy skull logo of the band, Facebook users will be able to upload an image of the face they love to the App to create a photo-mosaic portrait of The Dead Daisies skull – and make it bloom.

“Face I Love is dedicated to all MUSIC FANS around the world especially THE DEAD DAISIES FANS, because without you, we don’t get to do what we do,” attests Stevens. “It’s like having a massive extended family seeing your smiling faces at our shows and for us that makes it all worthwhile.”

When the project comes to a close on July 27, the photo-mosaic portrait of The Dead Daisies’ floral skull, made up of thousands of images of fans of the band, will be used as the artwork for EP, music video, single and other promotional items. The promotion is a true collaboration between the band and their fans, bringing real meaning to the title of the song, “Face I Love”.

Marco Mendoza affirms, “’Face I Love,’ was written for our fans and all the faces we see out in the audience when we play. I believe it was one of the first songs that we all collaborated on in the studio for the first time and BAM!!  Magic!!”

The Dead Daisies - 2013 - promo banner and logo

This will be the bands second tour of the United States, The Dead Daisies were part of the massive 25-date Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival through the US and Canada, along side Alice In Chains, & Jane’s Addiction among others in August and September of 2013.

The Dead Daisies’ self-titled debut album was released in the US and Canada through Caroline/Universal in August 2013 to exceptional reviews and was a featured iTunes release. Their first single “Lock ’N’ Load”, a track co-written by and featuring legendary guitarist Slash received airplay on radio networks across the U.S. including national airplay on SiriusXM satellite radio, both Alice Cooper’s and Nikki Sixx’s popular syndicated radio programs and was named Rolling Stone’s Daily Download.

The video for the single has been shown on over 20 outlets including play on Much Music, which beams into more than 30 million homes across North America. The song also stormed the UK radio airwaves and was placed on a number of key playlists including Team Rock, Kerrang Radio, and went to number 1 on Planet Rock Radio. It has also received spins on the UK’s largest station BBC Radio 2. Their follow-up second single “Washington” was equally successful and went top 20 on the US Rock radio chart (Mediabase).

This year is set to be a busy year ahead for The Dead Daisies with more dates around the world and the global release of a brand new EP and single in July.

CLICK HERE to buy tickets!

The Dead Daisies Tour Dates (w/ Bad Company & Lynyrd Skynyrd)

July 10 – Bangor, ME – Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion
July 12 – Mansfield, MA – Xfinity Center
July 13 – Darien, NY – Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
July 15 – Raleigh, NC – Walnut Creek Amphitheater
July 16 – Charlotte, NC – PNC Music Pavilion
July 18 – Camden, NJ – Susquehanna Bank Center
July 19 – Bristow, VA – Jiffy Lube Live


(Source: The Dead Daisies)

* For more info on THE DEAD DAISIES:

Facebook: The Dead Daisies


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THE FIRM – what made this Rock Band’s debut album so appealing?

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main-150Back in 1985, The Firm released their self titled, debut album “The Firm”. I remember being very curious about this band… would the album be heavy? Would this album be a dud? Why is Paul Rodgers not with Bad Company? Is Jimmy Page going to scorch on “The Firm” album? So many questions were going on in my mind back then, about The Firm’s first LP. Well, in my Metal opinion, this album was/still is, one of the more commercially accepted, radio friendly, Rock albums that I will still listen to… even in the middle of my Thrash Metal and Death Metal moods. During one of my frequent thrift store visits this past Winter, I came across this actual album, in close to perfect condition too. The album jacket shows no wear at all, plus the vinyl itself plays without a hitch. Upon finding this album, I instantly grabbed it, there was no second thought about it. (At 50 cents, there was no risk involved, only reward). What makes The Firm and their debut album so appealing? 

After all of these years, the reasons for my liking The Firm have never changed. First of course, is the lead singer Paul Rodgers. Bad Company will forever be a Hard Rock icon for me, especially the Paul Rodgers fronted version of this legendary band. Secondly, how can any Hard Rock and/or Heavy Metal enthusiast not want to get into a band that the revered Jimmy Page plays lead guitar for? Thirdly, “The Firm” as a whole, is not a heavy album and not a dud either. This album falls in between… it is a Rock album that has catchy, memorable tunes. When I really think about it, I do not believe that The Firm ever sounded like any Rock Band before them – save for Bad Company, due to the vocals of Paul Rodgers. However, musically, was there ever a song that sounded like “Radioactive”? Maybe there was, I just am not aware of it. That song drives me crazy, for it is so non-heavy, so corny, so different, yet I really like it, to this very day. I guess The Firm was that Rock Band that dared to be different, in 1985. “Satisfaction Guaranteed” is another song that chugs along, it never seems to get kick started, (and I swear you can almost feel this song wanting to get up and scream), yet again – I really like it.

“You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” is once again, a song that makes me feel like I have sold out my Metal soul to Pop Music. I actually sing aloud the lyrics, (when I am alone). Just to justify my singing these lyrics… I will sing them in my own, unique, Death Metal voice. Quite honestly, this song would be huge if a Death Metal band covered it. This is rather nit picking, regardless, if you take a look at the front album cover of “The Firm”, why on Metal Earth is the “i” in the word “FiRM” in lower case? This has not troubled me to any point of needing medication, I only look at it and wonder why? I do realize it was a logo design call, yet I always get the urge to want to fix the lower case “i” and make it an upper case “I”

Hey, all kidding aside, I feel The Firm was a darn decent Rock Band, the coolness of Paul Rodgers vocals and the enhanced and unparalleled guitar play of Jimmy Page make this debut album happen for me. I have no problem in recommending the debut album from The Firm, to anyone who is interested. Also note, in my Metal opinion, Tony Franklin on bass and Chris Slade on drums are no slouches either. Anyone who goes on to be the drummer for AC/DC, well, is legend. As I see it, I will turn to this album now and again and enjoy it. Plus, if Hammerfall can do a cover of “My Sharona” by The Knack, heck, then Cannibal Corpse could most certainly do a cover of “Money Can’t Buy” by The Firm.


Bad Company – revisiting the debut album from 1974

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411959Over this past weekend, I stumbled upon the opportunity to purchase (real cheap) the debut release from Bad Company, aptly titled – “Bad Company.” This first Bad Company album I had many years ago, (on cassette tape) and I actually still have it. (I always treated my cassettes like gold, for they used to cost just as much as actual vinyl). Well, this copy of Bad Company I purchased is the CD, a used copy for a meager 4 dollars and 1 penny, total. (That is less money I spend on an average trip to Dunkin’ Donuts).

The jewel case, liner notes and actual CD itself is nothing more than a mint copy of this Bad Company album. Upon exiting the establishment where I found this CD, I felt I made my weekend find and I did! I do not know if it is just me but the Hard Rock tunes on the freshman release from Bad Company are unreal good and sound as though they could have been recorded and released this very year. I mean, let’s face it, there are way too many Hard Rock and Metal bands out there today that are releasing unmoving blah. To revisit an infamous debut album from a legendary band like Bad Company, today, is a solid breath of Hard Rock air! Sure, this was once a #1 chart topping Hard Rock album back in 1974, yet who cares? Who cares if these songs were at one time FM radio hits! The tunes on this Bad Company album are incredible! 

My favorite tune off of “Bad Company” is “Rock Steady.” (Hey, everybody has to have a favorite track off of an album they like, you know?) “Can’t Get Enough”, “Ready For Love”, “Movin On” and of course, the fabulous track notoriously titled “Bad Company” are tunes that are extremely hard to measure up against today, if you are a brand new Hard Rock band putting out your first album. Let’s not forget, though, that Bad Company was/is a supergroup from the early 1970’s too. These guys did have the talent and musical genius already bred inside them. Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke were from the incredible Free, Mick Ralphs was from the hard working and fantastic Mott the Hoople and Boz Burrell was from the outstanding King Crimson. (enough said there when it comes to the tried and true Rock roots, of the original Bad Company lineup!) This album should be required listening, at least weekly, by talent agents from today’s current record companies! This is how Hard Rock is supposed to sound like!  Oh, yes, I almost forgot to mention: In my most humble of Hard Rock and Metal opinion, the debut album from Bad Company – is not dated!  Due to this album’s greatness, I am now going to dig up and/or find Paul Rodgers and his later bands – The Firm and The Law! Yeah! You simply cannot refuse or deny, a good ol’ journey down Hard Rock memory lane, and all the lanes are open! I am quite pleased that I reintroduced myself to one of the greatest Hard Rock albums ever released, by one of the finest Hard Rock bands that ever existed – Bad Company!

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