BAD COMPANY “Live In Concert 1977 & 1979” – Releases On April 29th, 2016

Bad Company - Live In Concert 1977 & 1979 - promo album cover pic - #MO3399ILMFM

As reported on the Bad Company Facebook:

We’re thrilled to announce the release of BAD COMPANY: LIVE IN CONCERT 1977 & 1979. The first-ever official live album to spotlight the original Bad Company line up: Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs, Simon Kirke and Boz Burrell.

BAD COMPANY: LIVE IN CONCERT 1977 & 1979 will be available April 29, 2016 as a double-CD set and digital release, with a 2 LP vinyl release to follow later this year. Pre-Order the 2 CD Set:

LIVE IN CONCERT 1977 & 1979 features more than two-and-half hours of unreleased music taken from 24-track tapes in the Bad Company vault. The music heard on this live collection features absolutely no enhancements or overdubs, nothing but the band as they performed live on the night of the concert.

LIVE IN CONCERT 1977 & 1979
 – Track Listing:

Disc One: Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas (5/23/77):
1. “Burnin’ Sky”
2. “Too Bad”
3. “Ready For Love”
4. “Heartbeat”
5. “Morning Sun”
6. “Man Needs Woman”
7. “Leaving You”
8. “Shooting Star”
9. “Simple Man”
10. “Movin’ On”
11. “Like Water”
12. “Live For The Music”
13. Drum Solo
14. “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad”
15. “Feel Like Makin’ Love”
Disc Two: Live at The Empire Pool, Wembley, London (3/9/79):
1. “Bad Company”
2. “Gone, Gone, Gone’
3. “Shooting Star”
4. “Rhythm Machine”
5. “Oh, Atlanta”
6. “She Brings Me Love”
7. “Run With The Pack”
8. “Evil Wind”
9. Drum Solo
10. “Honey Child”
11. “Rock Steady”
12. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy”
13. “Hey Joe”*
14. “Feel Like Makin’ Love”
15. “Can’t Get Enough”
* Recorded at Capitol Center, Washington, DC (6/26/79)


For more Bad Company info:

Facebook: Bad Company




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