Bad Company – revisiting the debut album from 1974

411959Over this past weekend, I stumbled upon the opportunity to purchase (real cheap) the debut release from Bad Company, aptly titled – “Bad Company.” This first Bad Company album I had many years ago, (on cassette tape) and I actually still have it. (I always treated my cassettes like gold, for they used to cost just as much as actual vinyl). Well, this copy of Bad Company I purchased is the CD, a used copy for a meager 4 dollars and 1 penny, total. (That is less money I spend on an average trip to Dunkin’ Donuts).

The jewel case, liner notes and actual CD itself is nothing more than a mint copy of this Bad Company album. Upon exiting the establishment where I found this CD, I felt I made my weekend find and I did! I do not know if it is just me but the Hard Rock tunes on the freshman release from Bad Company are unreal good and sound as though they could have been recorded and released this very year. I mean, let’s face it, there are way too many Hard Rock and Metal bands out there today that are releasing unmoving blah. To revisit an infamous debut album from a legendary band like Bad Company, today, is a solid breath of Hard Rock air! Sure, this was once a #1 chart topping Hard Rock album back in 1974, yet who cares? Who cares if these songs were at one time FM radio hits! The tunes on this Bad Company album are incredible! 

My favorite tune off of “Bad Company” is “Rock Steady.” (Hey, everybody has to have a favorite track off of an album they like, you know?) “Can’t Get Enough”, “Ready For Love”, “Movin On” and of course, the fabulous track notoriously titled “Bad Company” are tunes that are extremely hard to measure up against today, if you are a brand new Hard Rock band putting out your first album. Let’s not forget, though, that Bad Company was/is a supergroup from the early 1970’s too. These guys did have the talent and musical genius already bred inside them. Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke were from the incredible Free, Mick Ralphs was from the hard working and fantastic Mott the Hoople and Boz Burrell was from the outstanding King Crimson. (enough said there when it comes to the tried and true Rock roots, of the original Bad Company lineup!) This album should be required listening, at least weekly, by talent agents from today’s current record companies! This is how Hard Rock is supposed to sound like!  Oh, yes, I almost forgot to mention: In my most humble of Hard Rock and Metal opinion, the debut album from Bad Company – is not dated!  Due to this album’s greatness, I am now going to dig up and/or find Paul Rodgers and his later bands – The Firm and The Law! Yeah! You simply cannot refuse or deny, a good ol’ journey down Hard Rock memory lane, and all the lanes are open! I am quite pleased that I reintroduced myself to one of the greatest Hard Rock albums ever released, by one of the finest Hard Rock bands that ever existed – Bad Company!

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