Metal Odyssey’s METAL Pick Of The Day Is: HELLOWEEN “Battle’s Won” (Official Track And Lyric Video)


HELLOWEEN – Below is the official track Battle’s Won from the fifteenth HELLOWEEN studio album, My God-Given Right. This new HELLOWEEN album was released worldwide via the mighty Nuclear Blast Records. I’ve been a fan of HELLOWEEN for decades now and it seems like only yesterday when I purchased the (debut full-length) cassette version of Walls Of Jericho. I still have that cassette from 1985 too. Unbelievable, I know!

One of the finest Metal album releases of 2015 that I purchased back in May is: My God Given Right. I found it at my local Best Buy and there was only one there. This new HELLOWEEN album of European Power Metal has made me feel damn good! There’s that special something about the vocals of Andy Deris and the way HELLOWEEN plays at such a heightened level, with each of their songs. Just an amazing band is HELLOWEEN, both past and present, in my Metal opinion.

When it comes to this Battle’s Won song, I cannot figure out if it’s a pro or anti-war song. Maybe it’s neither? Regardless, I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do. Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone

Helloween - Classic Band Logo - #119 - 2013

There truly is not one average song on My God Given Right. The entire album is killer. If you haven’t bought it yet, do so. You don’t want to miss out on this new HELLOWEEN album, one of my Metal favorites of 2015! Whoa.






2 Responses to “Metal Odyssey’s METAL Pick Of The Day Is: HELLOWEEN “Battle’s Won” (Official Track And Lyric Video)”

  1. Great! Helloween as I have always remembered.

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