BURY TOMORROW – To Visit hmv To Celebrate The Release Of Their New Album ‘Earthbound’.

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Friday, January 29 – 6pm – hmv 363 Oxford Street, London – Tickets available at hmv.com/hmvlive/bury-tomorrow

One of the UK’s premier purveyors of Metalcore, Bury Tomorrow visit hmv to perform live and sign copies of their new album ‘Earthbound’.

Bury Tomorrow release their eagerly anticipated new album ‘Earthbound’, the follow up to 2014’s UK rock chart number 1 record ‘Runes’. Frontman Dani Winter-Bates says of ‘Earthbound’, “To me, it feels like the distillation of everything we’ve ever wanted this band to be about. We wanted pace, we wanted heaviness, and for me, personally, I wanted to write a record which was the sonic embodiment of a circle pit. I think we’ve done that.” But while fans of the heavy stuff will find plenty to grasp onto here, it’s the now trademark interplay between Dani and guitarist/singer Jason Cameron which sets ‘Earthbound’ apart. “We’ve always wanted to be like one vocalist in two parts and I think we’ve achieved that here.” Says Dani.

Bury Tomorrow’s ethos has always been a threefold focus on unswerving passion, unrelenting hard work and remorselessly driving, slash ‘n’ burn riffola. They’ve come far from small to 1,000+ capacity venues, but their values remain the same. Dani explains: “To me nothing has changed. I still want to meet every kid who is there, get a picture if they want one and sign something if they want it signed. That’s just the kind of people we are – that’s just the kind of band we are.”


Source: hmv




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