BRAINSTORM “Scary Creatures” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

BRAINSTORM - Scary Creatures - promo album cover pic - 2016 - 999660010



BRAINSTORM – Germany’s unwavering Power Metal band BRAINSTORM have released their eleventh studio album, this past January, via the mighty AFM Records. This new album’s title is Scary Creatures and the front cover artwork is 100% Metal! Just stare at that album cover for a few seconds, whoa!

The powerful vocals of Andy B. Franck is one amazing reason to buy this album; he can hit the hight notes with the very best of them. The speedy, immensely entertaining and melodic guitar talents of Torsten Ihlenfeld and Milan Loncaric are another HUGE reason to buy Scary Creatures. Unreal. The rhythm section of Antonio Ieva on bass and Dieter Bernert on drums only enhances the maximum Power Metal bliss I’ve been enjoying from this new BRAINSTORM release. Yes, that’s maximum Power Metal bliss!

BRAINSTORM - promo band pic - 2016 - #MO99ILMFP3399

What a gifted band BRAINSTORM is. There honestly is no filler moments on Scary Creatures, in my Metal opinion. This is a Power Metal album that has excited me from beginning to end! BRAINSTORM has taken me on a non-stop ride into Power Metal paradise! From the title track to Sky Among The Clouds, I honestly cannot believe how intense this album freaking ROCKS!! I will be playing this BRAINSTORM album forever, my Metal brethren!

If you’re a Power Metal loyalist and believe Helloween, Manowar, Doro, Iron Savior and Primal Fear are all gifts from the Metal Gods, you will no doubt become a true believer in BRAINSTORM; that is if you haven’t already. Metal be thy name. – Stone

Scary Creatures – Track List:

  1. The World To See
  2. How Much Can You Take
  3. We Are
  4. Where Angels Dream
  5. Scary Creatures
  6. Twisted Ways
  7. Caressed By The Blackness
  8. Scars In Your Eyes
  9. Take Me To The Never
  10. Sky Among The Clouds
  • Bonus track on ltd. Digipak: Lift Your Eyes To See


For more info on BRAINSTORM:

Facebook: Brainstorm





4 Responses to “BRAINSTORM “Scary Creatures” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review”

  1. You had me at Power Metal – the European scene is just peppered with amazing bands like this. I will have to listen to them.

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