PRIMAL FEAR “Rulebreaker” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

PRIMAL FEAR - Rulebreaker - promo album cover pic - 2016 - #MO990099ILMFM

5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!


PRIMAL FEAR – I’ve come to the Metal conclusion that the powerful PRIMAL FEAR continues to get better and better with each new studio album they release. I’m guilty of being a PRIMAL FEAR loyalist, I’ll readily admit. Only give me a break here, in view of the fact Rulebreaker is an undeniable Metal steamroller of eleven songs. This new studio album from PRIMAL FEAR is my favorite Metal album thus far in 2016 and I don’t believe it will be unseated as such.

Rulebreaker begins with Angels Of Mercy and this commanding song sets the Metal stage for the remainder of the album. There’s a trio of world-class guitarists (Magnus Karlsson, Alex Beyrodt, Tom Naumann) in PRIMAL FEAR that gives Rulebreaker its jaw dropping Metal spirit. Holy Metal shit are there countless mouth watering riffs, leads, rhythms and solos that catapult from this album! I thank my Metal stars every night that these songs were written and recorded by PRIMAL FEAR. My Metal God, I do.

Primal Fear - promo band pic - 2016 - #MO99ILMF6996

The title track and The End Is Near are just two song examples that feature the great Ralf Scheepers falsetto. Ralf is all over this entire album with his ignited vocals! My favorite song on Rulebreaker is the 10:45 epic: We Walk Without Fear. The progressive style intro gives way to what PRIMAL FEAR do best and that’s shred, sing and pound their Metal brilliance straight through my Metal psyche. Spectacular song it is, in my Metal world.

It wouldn’t be a PRIMAL FEAR album without a killer song titled In Metal We Trust. (Ha, ha). Rulebreaker finishes with a fast and hefty song titled: Raving Mad. Honestly, this album does not give me a moment to catch my Metal breath. I speak Metal truth, here. I can’t see how any Metal loving human being out there can pass over this album.

The renowned Matt Sinner on bass and backing vocals along with Francesco Jovino on drums explode their beats, creating every reason to bang my multi decades old Metal head into Metal rapture! Whoa. In conclusion, Rulebreaker is a True Power Metal album for the Metal ages. Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone


Rulebreaker was released in January of 2016, via Frontiers Music Srl.

For fans of: Power Metal, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and all other real Heavy Metal bands that kicks absolute Metal ass.


For more info on PRIMAL FEAR:

Facebook: Primal Fear





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  1. I keep meaning to get into this band, love Gamma Ray, love Priest, tempted to get some Primal Fear.

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