ENTHEAN – Progressive US Black Metal Unit – Releasing Debut Album In May

Enthean - promo band pic - 2016 - #MO0909

South Carolina Progressive Black Metal Unit ENTHEAN will release their debut album Priests of Annihilation, on May 20th. Pre-order the album and stream new song Dysthanasia at:


Priests of Annihilation will unquestionably appeal to fans of DISSECTION, EMPEROR, ORIGIN, and IMMORTAL. Yet the album more broadly represents the band’s musical take on experiences past and present. Indeed, it is an ode to their many influences, musical or otherwise. Put simply, ENTHEAN has created a fierce and dynamic album that will excite a wide range of Metal fans.


Track List:
1. 1054
2. Tones of Desecration
3. Before You, I Am
4. Dysthanasia
5. Ekpyrosis
6. Behold the Primordial
7. Bring Forth the Raven
8. Invalesc de Profundis
Enthean - Priests Of Annihilation - promo cover pic - 2016 - #MO999333

Album Credits:

Mastered by: Jamie King

Mixing and Drum recording by: Bob Moore at Soundlab Studios
Additional samples and vocals recorded by: Ray Howard at Entropy Studios
Additional Bass by: Adam Mast Tracks 3, 6, 7, and 8
Artwork by: Marco Hasmann
Logo by: Chris Horst
Layout and Lyrics by: Adam Broome
Produced by: Brian Kingsland
Photos by: Troy Browder


ENTHEAN is an extreme metal band based out of South Carolina, formed in 2012 with the intentions of creating their own brand of Metal. ENTHEAN seamlessly merges elements of Technical Death, Symphonic Black, Progressive, Thrash, Shred and Classical music. Their sound is driven by precise counterpoint based riffs, furious drumming and a symphonic backdrop. Resulting in a whirlwind of bludgeoning sound, virtuoso technique and masterful composition. ENTHEAN‘s lyrical inspiration comes from life blended with mythology.


Source: ClawHammer PR

Clawhammer PR - promo logo - 2015 - #0323CHMO

* For more info on ENTHEAN:







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