Metal Odyssey’s Stone Has Several Very Brief Rants…

Stone - Metal Odyssey - biting pillow - 2015 - #MO990099

Guns N’ Roses are having a reunion tour! Who gives a shit!? Not me.

GHOST won a 2016 Grammy for “Best Metal Performance” and… who gives a shit!

AC/DC are gonna tour with “guest” lead singers. AC/DC might as well see if Jim Nabors and/or Anne Murray are available to sing for them too.

What the freak is Baby Metal? NO, I don’t really give a shit.

IRON MAIDEN is still NOT in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, while Madonna was inducted into the hall back in 2008. What a bunch of stupid, stupid shit.

Supposedly, man walked on the moon. Guess what? I’m a billionaire.

Ted Nugent - President - 2016 - #MO99099ILN

A neighbor of mine still has their Christmas tree lit up at night, outside their front door. For real. Now, that’s some crazy shit.

My local Best Buy has Sunday store hours of 11:00AM to 8:00PM. Now, that’s some messed up shit. By the way, my local Walmart, Marathon and Kroger are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Someone should remind Best Buy that it’s 2016 and NOT 1980.

In the USA, the minimum wage back in 1988 was $3.35 per hour. In 2016, the minimum wage in Ohio is $8.15. You do the math and then look up what our USA politicians are worth. It’s bullshit.

Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone




One Response to “Metal Odyssey’s Stone Has Several Very Brief Rants…”

  1. The neighbours down the end of my close keep their Christmas lights up all year. They can’t be bothered to take them down. It could be worse, AC/DC could use Boy George as a guest singer. Great post!

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