Five METAL Albums You Should NEVER Buy…

Metallica - Death Magnetic - promo album cover pic - #MO9099ILMF

METALLICA – Death Magnetic

The only song missing on this Metallica (gulp) album is: Thanks For The Memory.

Ozzy Osbourne - "Scream" large promo album pic!


By far, the worst Ozzy Osbourne studio album. Ever. If I wrote anything positive about this album in the past, it was because I ate too many wild mushrooms. To this day, I’m embarrassed for Gus G having to play guitar on this record.

Philm - Harmonic - promo album cover pic - #MO0097733ILMF

PHILM – Harmonic

I got sucked into this album due to the great Dave Lombardo (of Slayer fame) being a founding member and drummer for PHILM. Honestly, it’s one of the worst albums I’ve ever listened to of any genre.

Guns N' Roses "The Spaghetti Incident" x-large album pic!

GUNS N’ ROSES – “The Spaghetti Incident?”

This cover song album features a song written by Charles Manson and performed by GNR. Classless. ‘Nuff said.

Iced Earth - Horror Show - promo album cover pic - #MO33660ILMF4

ICED EARTH – Horror Show

I absolutely love ICED EARTH, still, this album is not their crowning glory. Horror Show goes on and on and on, like a bad dream. I truthfully fell asleep numerous times while trying to listen to this album. It was a grand idea though, with wicked excellent cover art to boot.





33 Responses to “Five METAL Albums You Should NEVER Buy…”

  1. That’s you off James Hetfield’s Christmas Card list!

  2. Dude I mostly agree with you, but Ozzy’s Down to Earth is WAY worse than Scream!

    • I understand where you’re coming from. Heck, at least ‘Down To Earth’ has a better album cover. LOL!!!

      • Black Rain had a crappy cover, wasn’t it just a logo and the title? One of the covers for it anyway.

        • Yeah, the ‘Black Rain’ cover had a skull and the Ozzy logo… was done rather cheesy. Hell, Sharon Osbourne probably didn’t want to pay for a “WOW” album cover.

          • I have complained over and over about shoddy Ozzy releases. The very flawed reissues…the flawed Prince of Darkness box set. I don’t know how much Sharon should take the blame for all of the faults, but I have no doubt she is responsible for some. (Such as spelling musicians’ names wrong in liner notes etc.)

            • AGREED!! Axing out Bob Daisley from “Blizzard Of Ozz” HAD to be Sharon’s decision based on articles I’ve seen written by Bob Daisley himself. That’s just 1 example and it’s classless from the Ozzy camp. Classless.

              Heck, it goes back to the almighty dollar again, “they” hire the cheapest help to slap together the liner notes, graphic design and box set… probably college interns that are Pet Shop Boys fans or something. Geeeez.

            • Honestly when you spot mistakes or omissions in liner notes like that, doesn’t it make you think, “I could do better than the guy they pay to do it…”

            • Hell yeah!! I constantly see grammar mistakes and misspellings of band member names on the “BIG” Metal websites too… there is no excuse for it at all. Unreal.

            • I know it kinda makes me sad. I make mistakes too but geez sometimes you have to wonder if they even HAVE spell check.

            • AGREED!! Yes, we’re not perfect, yet the spell check is right in front of us all! I honestly believe that many people rely way too much on the ‘loosy goosy’ Wikipedia for music research. Ugh. (!)

            • I used to spend a lot of time fixing mistakes on Wikipedia. Well I am a bit OCD about things…I would spend hours and hours researching and fixing and putting in citations for artists I loved. I had to let it go, eventually, because you could do that and NEVER stop, because as people add stuff, the errors never end. I’m glad to say that during the period I was doing that, you can on the Quiet Riot and Helix articles being as close to accurate and ideal as you could ask for. But otherwise Wikipedia is probably best used as a guide to doing further research.

              One thing it IS good for: Telling you where to find all the bonus tracks on whatever version of whatever CD.

            • Yeah, the bonus track listings on Wikipedia always do have me… yet even then, I proceed with caution. I applaud you for trying your best to straighten out the mistakes and mess on Wikipedia!!

              At the end of the day though, your site proves to be a SOURCE and I’m certain MANY people look upon you for research! At least we can all trust you, Mike. You ROCK \m/\m/

  3. Death Magnetic is an okish album compared to the garbage that they released after the Black Album. At least they tried to play thrash/heavy metal again.

    • Nice point. If only they didn’t call up Rick Rubin for his (gulp) wealth of ideas though.

      • I read somewhere that Corey Taylor wasn’t really happy of Rubin as well… I think is just a matter of idea, Rubin is a producer (maybe one of the best) but you cannot polish a turd right? The band needs to stay in a good shape.

        • Yeah, I also watched an interview with Tony Iommi and he stated Rick Rubin did absolutely nothing in producing Black Sabbath “13”… Tony Iommi really stressed it too, the way he stated it. I truly believe that bands are just paying for his “name” nowadays.

  4. There is nothing worse than bad metal.

  5. I dunno, Stone. I liked Death Magnetic a lot. I still play it! Then again, I liked St. Anger too, so maybe I’m not the best one to be knowledgeable in these areas… 🙂 \m/ \m/

    • Aw, heck, it’s all about personal preference. Still, ‘Death Magnetic’ is equivalent to a broken piece of imitation Tiffany glass held together with Elmer’s glue. LOL!!! \m/\m/

      • Oh sure, but (to carry your analogy further), that piece of imitation glass has been in the family for years, and we know it’s flawed, we know it’ll never be what it once was ever again, but we’re still gonna love it forever. \m/ \m/

        • Yes, true, only Metallica has written the book on ‘Resting On Our Laurels’.

          • Yeah, but here’s another good idea (for a post) I’m giving away for free: how much of that is just resting on laurels, and how much of it is being one of the biggest bands and the world and recognizing a formula that works and staying within that framework? Is it a fine line for them to branch out too far? Look at how much flack they got when they cut their friggin’ hair, let alone making any musical changes. Discuss! 🙂 \m/ \m/

            • Metallica turned a blind eye to their core fan base with the release of the Load albums and St. Anger. Then, they decided to make an album (really it was a disaster) called “Lulu” with (the late) Lou Reed.

              Metallica did already have a formula that worked, with their first 3 records. They just wanted to attract the radio friendly fan base and did succeed at that. In other words, Metallica went commercial. No biggie, yet fans like me were left hanging in the wind and I’m not alone.

              If it wasn’t for the true Metallica fans that bought their records and went to their concerts in the early years, Metallica would not be around today. Metallica turned to the “Hollywood Artsy” crowd and that’s fine, just remembering your roots should be #1. All that “Death Magnetic” accomplished was their showing the fans that they could still remember what Thrash is. Even that album will never compare to their first 3 records.

              I can care less about any musician cutting their hair.

  6. I honestly don’t see the hate for Death Magnetic or St. Anger for that matter. They at least had a lot of the energy their Nineties work didn’t have even though I do like Load and ReLoad (they are my least listened to albums by them just as an FYI). I will make sure to avoid the others on this list though. Ozzy kind of stops being Ozzy for me after the Eighties.

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