Swiss One Man Black Metal Band ENOID (Satanath Records) Streaming New Track ‘Ode A La Haine’

ENOID - Bornyhake - promo photo - 2016 - #MO99BMMFFS663

New Album ‘Exilé Aux Confins Des Tourments’ Out May 5th

Attacking with an onslaught of crushing hyper-speed with straight-ahead Black Metal brutality sure to impress and amaze die-hard fans of the best of the classic Norwegian scene. Swiss one man Black Metal band, ENOID is streaming their second single ‘Ode A La Haine’, which is one of eight tracks from the upcoming album ‘Exilé Aux Confins Des Tourments’ set for co-release via Satanath Records (Russia) and Black Plague Records (USA) on May 5, 2016.

The album is ENOID‘s seventh release marking the 20th anniversary since establishing in 1996. All instruments and the mix of the album were done by Bornyhake (Borgne, Kawir, Manii, Triumfall, Pure…) along with cover art done by Maxime Taccardi.

‘Ode A La Haine’: 

FREE download of ‘Je T’Arracherai Les Cieux’:

ENOID - Exilé Aux Confins Des Tourments - promo cover pic - 2016 - #MO9966BMFMFFS

1. Je t’arracherai les cieux (5:54)
2. Ces cicatrices dans mon âme (5:29)
3. Mangez ma chair, prenez ma douleur (4:31)
4. La croix de mon existence (3:46)
5. Nouveau cycle destructeur (4:07)
6. Sourire éternel sur mes lèvres (4:10)
7. La lumière disparaît (5:47)
8. Ode à la haine (8:48)

Length – 42:35

Line-up: Bornyhake – all instruments and vocals


For more info, please visit:

Facebook | Bandcamp


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