MALPHAS – Sign With Fatal Illness Management


Up and coming Philadelphia based Black Metal band MALPHAS are pleased to announce that they have signed with FATAL ILLNESS MANAGEMENT to represent the band throughout 2016 and into the future.

The band commented about the signing: “We are excited and proud to announce our signing with Fatal Illness Management; big things are on the horizon. Be sure to check out our roster mates in Vesperia and Fenris.”

Fatal Illness founder Eric Dow further commented: “Fatal Illness Management are excited to be working with up and comers Malphas, you can expect great things from this union.”

In further news, the band is putting the finishing touches to the follow-up to their 2015 critically acclaimed EP The Conjuring. The new album is projected to be recorded soon and released in mid 2017, further details will be announced in the coming months.

Download The Conjuring here:

About Malphas:

Founded in 2012 by Paul DeSanctis and Eric Dunleavy, accompanied by Dallas Lutz and Damian DiFrancesco, Malphas is a four-piece Black Metal band.

The sound of Malphas is generally derived from the Scandinavian Metal scene, coming together as a healthy blend of melodic death, black, and power Metal with additional touches of prog and jazz.

The band’s lyrics are written as a concept story revolving around Malphas, the 39th gothic spirit in demonology. Malphas serves as the grand president and general of hell; commanding forty legions of demons and appearing before conjurers in the form of a crow.

Fatal Illness Facebook


Source: Dewar PR




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