KAMIKAZE ZOMBIE’s ‘Night Of The Nuberus’ Out Now And Streaming!

Kamikaze Zombie - Night Of Nuberus - promo cover pic - 2018 - #33MO777ILMFG333

That ominous rumbling you heard was not a deception perpetrated by your ears, but rather a warning of a nefarious force emerging from the streets of Birmingham, Alabama. That force is KAMIKAZE ZOMBIE and Night of the Nuberus is now upon us. Released in September 2017, the time has arrive for the rest of the world to heed the warning and prepare for an old school crossover attack that combines Black Metal melodies, Doom/Sludge/Death Metal breakdowns, and in-your-face punk/thrash aggression with lyrical content inspired by horror films. And let’s not forget about the serial-killer themed stage shows!

Stream Night of the Nuberus in its entirety below or by visiting the following link:


The music of Night of the Nuberus was written by Clint Spain and Steve Cater, the former also penning the lyrics. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Matthew Washburn (Mastodon) at LedBelly Sound Studio. Artwork and layout come courtesy of Shawn Knight.

Vocalist/Guitarist Clint Spain had this to say about the band’s macabre creation:

“Night of the Nuberus is our first major release. We went for a horror movie vibe in writing and recording the album, like a love letter to old slasher movies and horror punk bands. But my love for the New Orleans scene, black metal and the Melvins definitely bleeds through.”

Night of the Nuberus can also be purchased at kamikazezombie.com/merchandise.html

Track Listing:

  1. Manhunter
  2. Eraser-Head
  3. The Stone Giant
  4. In the Mouth of Madness
  5. The Story of Jane Doe
  6. 1226
  7. Death Rides a Horse
  8. The Blood Countess
  9. As the Moon Stares at Death

KAMIKAZE ZOMBIE started in 2014. They are a heavy crossover band from Birmingham Al, with multiple influences from hardcore, metal and punk. All of these very different influences led them to become their own genre of heavy music with multiple styles flowing through every KZ song.

KAMIKAZE ZOMBIE has shared the stage with Superjoint (Phil Anselmo and Jimmy bower), Max and Igor Cavalera, Cannibal Corpse, Doyle, Crowbar, Power Trip, Raven, OVERKILL, Venom, Child Bite, GoatWhore, Iron Reagan, Battle Cross,Valient Thorr, Havok, Toxic Holocaust, Decapitated, Hammer Fight, GateCreeper, Dark Sermon, Exalted and many more.

Album Line-up:

Clint Spain – Vocals and guitar

Steve Cater – Lead guitar, backing vocals and bass

Josh Fondren – Drums

Current Line-up:

Clint Spain – Vocals and guitar

Steve Cater – Lead guitar

Damon Dodd – Bass

Terry Quillen – Drums


* For more band info:







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