OMINOUS CONCLUSIONS,  the Lovecraft-inspired instrumental project of French guitarist and composer Louis Nas, is streaming his new EP The Outsider via Ghost Cult Magazine. The EP will be released tomorrow.

Louis commented “The Outsider was supposed to be released almost a year ago, but there were a lot of  issues that forced me to postpone it. Now that it’s out, it’s an incredible relief, and I must say I’m really proud of the result! I owe it to a lot of talented people I’ve had the chance to work with, and who kept faith in me all the way.” 


The Outsider is a three-part instrumental piece built around H.P. Loevcraft’s tale and fully immerses the listener in the story, with only the notes to guide them. Nas comments: “I use instrumental music mainly because I’m not a singer, but also because I find the use of words too restrictive. I think that with just music you can really go into incredible nuances and details, and make the listener live the story you tell. Also, what’s great about not using words, is that every listener will picture something different in his mind while listening to the music, and thus connect deeper with it.”

It’s progressive metal, but so much more. Packed with technical proficiency and profound storytelling, in one word OMINOUS CONCLUSIONS is… OMINOUS.

Pre-order the EP:

Source: C Squared Music


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