ASHES OF REDEMPTION has released their new EP Washed in Blood (W.I.B). Re-energizing the groove metal genre, ASHES OF REDEMPTION is a one-man band spearheaded by Justin Buell and based out of Detroit, MI. 

Recorded with multiple different session artists from all around the world, located in countries such as Italy, India, and Indonesia, W.I.B was written and produced by Justin Buell who also undertook guitar and bass tracking. The theme of the music is forcing yourself to persevere through some of life’s darkest moments. Channelling his own experiences from his time in the Marine Corps Infantry which included two deployments to Iraq during the war, Buell pours this inspiration into his music. In particular, “By Design” was written from a war veterans’ perspective.

“Rotten” is about losing the ability to communicate with people. It deals with grief and wanting to confide in someone but being unable to, resulting in a body and mind that feel foreign. The song highlights the fact that we continue on without help despite the destruction it causes.

“By Design” deals with the physical and mental pain of war. It starts with a physical injury, which leads to questioning if it was worth it. When the physical pain heals the mental pain still remains. The song speaks of the struggles that brings and the ultimate demise in this particular case.

“W.I.B.” is about losing innocence. Once lost it refers to the grind of opening wounds and repairing them ultimately creating an offensive on others. A sort of defence mechanism. Destroy in blood or feel defeat.
“Unscathed” is a song about having to pull the plug on a loved one. It deals with the struggles a person in that position goes through and how everyone involved is touched in some way. No one leaves unscathed.


Source: C Squared Music


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